Twin Spirits

Informant: Male/24/Filipino-Irish-Hawaiian ancestry 
Location: Waialua, Oahu

Back in the 11th grade, my girlfriend at the time slept over. She noticed that when I sleep, I don’t sleep very soundly, on account of insomnia. Well one night, we slept at a cabin in Waialua on the north shore of Oahu as a summer retreat with family. My girlfriend noticed that I was silently sleeping... a little too silently. 

I was having a nightmare about drowning. I was dreaming that I was being thrashed around under the water. My girlfriend said that she turned on the light and saw that I was soaked in my own sweat and I wasn’t breathing. In my dream I was with this lady in white...her white see through body grabbed my hands and then pulled me above the surface of the water. In that instant I woke up, my vision fuzzy and the feeling like someone was lying on my chest. After about 3-5 seconds that pressure went away, my vision became clear and I immediately sat up and took a huge gasp of air, still perspiring like crazy.

I looked over my girlfriend’s shoulder and I swear to god...I saw the back end of an apparition walk through the wall. But the apparition was all black; the one in my nightmare was white. The white one felt non-threatening, but the black one felt malicious. 

Come to find out later that in the 1940’s a lady killed her own twin sister and then herself on that very property.