Story Submission FAQ

Many people have asked me how I acquire my stories. Sometimes people send them to me via email, but a lot of the time they tell the stories to me directly. Many of the stories come from myself and my family and friends. They tell it to me and I write it down. It's important for me to keep the voice of the story teller as authentic as possible.

When someone emails me a story, I do not edit their content. I will do basic things like correct grammar, spelling and punctuation, but that is it. As I said, it is important that I keep their voice authentic.

All stories on this website are completely anonymous. Stories and pictures that take place anywhere in Hawaii are welcome. When submitting, please include:

1. Age
2. Sex
3. Ethnicity
4. Exact location of experience

You can submit your stories using this form or by emailing to Pictures are also welcome!