Disembodied Legs in Wainiha

Informant: Female/49/ Japanese ancestry
Location of Incident: Wainiha, Kauai

My husband and his friends all wanted to go fishing so we headed out to Wainiha down the north shore side. While all the lines were in the ocean, some of us were hanging out on top of the reef. Some of them were trying to catch jumping jacks while others like me were picking those large pipipi's off the rocks. I was so into picking the pipipi's with my headlight that I just suddenly noticed legs, tabis and shorts passing right in front of me. I didn't think of anything of it; I just thought it was my friend Don who was going to check what my husband was up to. Don and my husband were to the right of me, and everyone else was near the beach. So I didn't look up, I just said "Hi Don!" and he just grunted back.

When my hands were full of pipipi's, I walked over to my husband who was talking with Don. I asked, "Hey, Don, didn't you just pass me to go by your brother? I said hi to you and you just grunted."

Now, Don is really afraid of ghost, spooks, and spirits. He said "Ohhh no way! No say that, that scares me! As spooky stuff that you seen me walk by you, and I grunted at you!" I said, "Yeah! It was your same shorts, legs, and tabis!"
Well I don't know who passed by me that night but someone or something did!