Fly Like an Eagle

Informant: Male/25/Hawaiian-Mixed Ancestry
Location: Kapaa, Kauai

In the late 1990's I read in the newspaper that a boy that lived down the road from us had accidentally hanged himself while he was playing in his yard. I later found out that he was one of my brother's basketball rivals; they had recently competed against each other in a three-point shootout tournament which my brother won. I asked my brother about him and he didn't have much to say other than he knew the boy's favorite song was "Fly Like An Eagle" because it was recently featured in Space Jam and Michael Jordan was his favorite basketball player.

A few nights later, our neighbors came over to play video games and spend the night. The Christmas before, I received an Electronic Hot Shot Basketball game and we were playing with that, seeing who could get the highest score. We got bored, put the game away and moved on to the new Playstation my brothers and I also got for Christmas. 

We were playing video games and listening to music when the song "Fly Like An Eagle" started playing on the stereo. A minute or so into the song, all the electricity goes out including the Playstation, TV, and lights, so we're in complete darkness. Everything went off except for the stereo; the song was still playing. We were already terrified from the dark and everything turning off except for the stereo when we heard another noise. 

The Hot Shot Basketball game had turned on on its own and basketballs were being shot, but all of us were hiding on the other side of the room. We all ran upstairs to find that the electricity was working fine upstairs.

After taking a few minutes to calm down, we all went downstairs together to find that the lights were back on, but the stereo was off and the Hot Shot Basketball had been moved and was used. Till this day, we all swear that we didn't turn the game on and have yet to figure out exactly what happened. Maybe it was my brother's friend paying us a visit to show that the basketball rivalry is still on.