"I need to lie down."

Informant: Male/30's/Hawaiian, Native American, Asian, European, Hispanic ancestry 
Location: Lihue, Kauai

It was the Spring of 2007. I was 18 going on 19 that summer, and I was in my first semester at Kauai Community College. I was lying in bed asleep one night, nice and snug in my blankets. It was a cool spring night, nothing out of the ordinary...or so I thought.

I lay in my bed sleeping until I was woken up by a woman’s voice whispering, “I need to lie down.” I thought it was my mom and so I was about to reply, “Yeah, of course.” But for some reason, I was unable to open my mouth. I couldn’t part my lips or anything. All of a sudden I heard the woman’s voice repeatedly saying, “I need to lie down. I need to lie down. I need to lie down.” The woman sounded young, maybe in her 30's. It was even more strange given that the whole time I was hearing her voice it sounded as though she was saying it over a radio frequency. The whole time I heard her voice I was completely unable to move any part of my body. I was unable to move my fingers, my legs, nothing. I wasn’t even able to take deep breaths of air! It was as though someone was on top of me keeping me from making any sort of movement and restricting my breathing!

This strange feeling lasted for what seemed like an eternity, but after what must’ve been a couple of minutes I once again heard the woman’s voice repeatedly saying, “I need to lie down. I need to lie down. I need to lie down.” And just like that, I was able to move and breathe again. The minute I realized I was able to move again I bolted out of my bed, burst into my parent's bedroom, and screamed, “Mom! Dad! The lady was in my room! The lady was in my room!” My parents woke up startled and asked, “What lady?!” My mom thought someone had broken into the house. I said, “No there was a lady in my room and she climbed into bed with me! I couldn’t move or breathe!”

My dad calmed me down and went into the kitchen. He grabbed a small Ziploc bag and filled it with Hawaiian salt and told me to keep it next to my bed. He said it would protect me from spirits. I did just as he instructed me to do. We all returned to bed and at first I was unable to fall back asleep. But after about a half hour I was asleep again. I woke up in the morning wondering if I dreamt it all, but I knew that it really happened. 

I did indeed have a supernatural visitor in the middle of the night.