The Child Spirit

Informant: Female/49/Japanese Ancestry
Location: Kalaheo, Kauai

We were visiting my good friend's mother's house, and we looked outside her window and noticed sheep; lambs following their mother. It was something so cute and sweet to watch so I told my husband to take a picture with his phone. He took two pictures and I took a look at it when we got home to show my daughter. 

Well to my surprise I quickly noticed this white cloudy smoke by the sheep. I zoomed in and it was a see through apparition. It looked like a little child running down the hill. In the second shot is a little faded the white cloud, and you can see that the figure moved position.You also notice that the animals are not afraid of that spirit so I feel that it is not a harmful one.

Wow!! This is the most unusual kind of scary spirit we ever captured on film! What do you see?