The Haunted Oahu Post Office

Informant: Male/63/Japanese ancestry
Location: Honolulu, Oahu

Strange things happen at the main post office near the airport on Oahu, where I used to work. A colleague of mine was walking down one of the hallways when he saw a dog. It ran away when it saw him, and suddenly he saw a big Hawaiian man without a shirt on. He called out to him, “Hey, what are you doing?” The Hawaiian man walked away and disappeared through some equipment.

Another time after using the bathroom, I was washing my hand at one of two sinks when suddenly the faucet of the other sink turned on by itself. I looked around, but there was nobody else in the bathroom with me. I was totally alone.

I don’t know the history of the building, but people say that it is supposedly haunted.


Feet in the Hospital Bathroom

Informant: Male/30/Filipino ancestry
Location: Lihue, Kauai

My grandpa was in the hospital, so I decided to go visit him before work. It was really early in the morning, around 6am. Before I went to his room, I stopped to use the bathroom on the ground floor. I was the only one in there when I entered one of the empty stalls.

While I was in there doing my business, I heard the door open and someone walk in. I looked under the stall, but I couldn’t see anyone inside walking around or in the stall next to me. Then I heard the door open again, and footsteps again. This time it was a real person. I could hear him walking and see his feet. Then I heard the door open as he left.

After he left, I heard the door open yet another time, and again, I couldn’t see anyone in the bathroom. When I got out of the stall, there was nobody there.


Voices at Anini Beach

Informant: Female/12/mixed ancestry
Location: Anini beach, Kauai

Me and my family went camping at the end of Anini beach one weekend: me, my mom, dad, brother, and my dog and cat. That first evening we were there my dog, who was right next to me, all of a sudden got paralyzed. My cat went over to him, and my dog growled and swiped at my cat, but missed. But my cat fell to the ground, his chest all scratched. When we looked closer at the scratches, there were human fingernails in the wounds.

The next day my whole family went to gather some firewood in the nearby mountain. My dad was far up ahead, and me and my brother were together, with my mom not too far behind. Coming from the bushes we started hearing whispers coming from all around us. Suddenly a black shadow passed by us. My dad was too far up ahead to hear anything, but my mom called out from behind us asking if we heard anything. She was behind, but she had heard it too.


Pork in The Tunnel of Trees

Informant: Male/27/Hawaiian-Korean mixed ancestry
Location: Tunnel of Trees, Kauai

A while ago, when my parents were just married, they were coming back from a party with my uncle and his wife around 2am. Being local, they had a bunch of food with them from the party which included kalua pig among other things.

To get back home, they had to drive through the tunnel of trees. When they entered the tunnel, their car started acting funny. They thought that my uncle was messing around with everyone, but when they looked at his face, he was pale. They realized he wasn't messing around. His foot was on the gas, gunning it, the car still running but not moving.

Finally someone realized why they weren't moving and yelled, "The pork! Get rid of the pork!" So they threw the pork from the car and the car shot forward at full speed since my uncles foot was still on the gas. They moved so quickly they almost flew over the side of the road.