Night Marchers at Kamehameha

Informant: Female/16/mixed ancestry
Location: Kamehameha School, Oahu campus

I was walking back to Kapuaiwa dormitory at Kamehameha one night around 9:00 p.m.ish when my flower blew out of my hair. I chased it all the way to the bottom of the dorms. I made my way back up to Kapuaiwa but took a wrong turn and ended up walking to the cafeteria. When I got there it was real quiet and it started creeping me out, so I went the back way to get into the dorm when all of a sudden got to I started hearing the beats of the pahu.

I thought it was the hula team practicing, but they were all the way down at Keku, so I decided to follow the beat of the pahu. It led back down to the front door of Kapuaiwa.

I got to the bottom of Kapuaiwa and realized the sound got really loud at Lunalilo dorm, so I walked around a bit and noticed that the sound was coming out of nowhere. As I got closer to the lounge at Lunalilo, it started to get real hot (and it was a cool night) and the pahu was getting louder, so I freaked out and started to walk back up. I heard something, so I turned around and saw that a fire had started. I called campus security but by the time they came, the fire was gone and it seemed like there wasn't even a fire at all. Security told me go back to my dorm and just get some rest because they said I looked real tired.

I got back up to my dorm, took a shower, did my homework and stuff and then decided to go to bed. I woke up around 2:00 a.m. and was real thirsty, so I decided to go down to the lounge to get a drink of water. When I got there, I heard the beat of the pahu again and chanting. I remembered the article I read earlier that day about the night marchers and started to wonder if that’s what I was hearing.

I sat down on the couch to drink my water when I saw a torch coming down the hall outside. I thought I was seeing things so I just closed my eyes. When I opened them again and I could see night marchers walking down the hall and as they walked, the pahu and the chanting got louder. I ran back up to my room scared and hid under the covers. I looked out my window that over looks the whole dormitory and on the main road, there were the night marchers walking the campus.

Night marchers are so scary because they take people with them if they get in their path. I told my friend's about what I saw the next day, and they said that some of their roommates had to go to the nurse in the middle of the night because they we're sleep walking outside.


MAtt said...

Excellent story, spooky stuff! The Nightmarchers are one of my favorite Hawaiian legends for sure. I have an article on the marchers if anyone is interested: https://lookintohawaii.com/hawaii/27725/nightmarchers-information-all-islands-hi