Informant: Female/27/Korean-Portuguese ancestry
Location: Lihue, Kaua`i

My grandpa told us a story about his middle son, my uncle, who died many years ago from Cerebral Palsy. When all three sons were younger, they used to go play in the baseball park across the street from their house. My uncle at the time had a dog named Trixie. This dog would follow him everywhere he went, so naturally she followed him across the street. But as she was crossing the street, she was struck by a car.

My uncle wheeled his chair over to her and picked her up and cried and cried as he held her. And then all of a sudden, Trixie sprung back to life. As if nothing had happened, nothing broken.

My dad said that this dog was deader than dead. It wasn't moving there was blood coming out of her nose and her mouth. He can't explain how she just sprung back to life. And she lived a very long life after that.



Informant: 21/Male/Portugese ancestry
Location: Ele’ele, Kauai

This took place on New Year’s Eve maybe three years ago. It was at the house of my girlfriend at the time and it was the usual New Year’s party on Kauai: family, friends and fireworks.   

Now, the girlfriend I had at the time could see things. Often times she would tell me stories of her past experiences with seeing ghosts and I would always take her word for it. I remember the first story she told me about a ghost named Robert that played with her when she was a kid. She told me he hung himself and she could see his broken neck clearly with the rope still around it. 

It was around 1 or 2 am and  me, a couple of my friends and my girlfriend were outside playing on my uke singing songs, when she suddenly says, “ Robert likes your guys singing.” Of course I was like, "Who's Robert?" and when she replied, my friend I remembered. She told me he was by the palm tree near the neighbor’s house which was about maybe 25-30 feet away, but nobody was there. Me, being a skeptic, asked her if she could ask Robert to prove that he was there by shaking the tree he was at. She asked, and as soon as she did a huge gust of wind blew and the palm tree moved violently back and forth. 

I know what you’re thinking. It was just a huge gust of wind. But none of the surrounding plants, hedges or other palm tree moved...only the one Robert was at. Of course I thought it was just the wind, so I made her ask again…and the same thing happened. A strong gust of wind, but only that one tree moving. I went on to ask a third time with the same results.  

It was around 2:50 am where my girlfriend said, “ Robert said to go inside. He’s going to leave 'cause bad people are coming.” It freaked out everyone and we all went inside. There were at least five of us there that witnessed the palm tree event.  In the house my girlfriend said not to move that much and not to make any noise, and we were like, "How come?" And then 3 am came and instantly the air pressure in the room became heavy and it was hard to breathe or move. She described and angry ancient Hawaiian man by the window looking at us and she told us not to look at him. She also said there was a woman with glowing red eyes in the window that was directly behind us. Then came the scratching sound on the walls, and you could hear things dragging on the ground in the garage. Then suddenly, it stopped. The pressure was gone, and I looked at the time. It was 3:15 am. 

The pressure was intense and the fear was so real, but none of use could see it but my girlfriend.


Menehune of Mililani Mauka

Informant: Male/Age unknown/ Japanese Ancestry 
Location: Mililani Mauka, Oahu

I am hoping by sharing this story, other folks in Mililani Mauka will share their stories. There is definitely something going on up here but I can’t seem to find any history, tales, fact or fiction supporting my experiences up here.

My family and I moved into a brand new home in Kapanoe, a subdivision at the top of Mililani Mauka, about six years ago. My son, now eight, was two at the time. Many nights at around 2 am, he would call out for me and I would wearily go to his room, hop in bed with him where we would both fall asleep. One night, after calling for me, he pointed to a corner of his room and asked, “Daddy, who’s that?” I am actually blind but, needless to say, the hair on my arms and the back of my neck stood straight up. The next night, I permanently moved into his bedroom.

Over the next month or so, my son would regularly awaken around 2 am, sit up, and stare at this particular corner of his room. He described what he saw to me as a boy that looked like a little man. One night, I asked my son if the little man-boy was telling him anything. My son replied, “Yeah, he’s putting his finger to his lips and telling me ‘Shhh.’” That was it – I called a kahu to bless the house, which he did, and planted a couple dozen ti leaves all around the house. 

Over the years, my son gradually saw less and less of this little man-boy but would still occasionally wake up at around 2 am and jump into bed with me as I was, and still am, sleeping in his room. Although these appearances diminished, I couldn’t help but notice that, even with our windows closed, shutters would open and doors would slam. Could this little man-boy be a menehune just trying to befriend my son and play pranks on me? For the longest time, I didn’t bring this up with anyone except for a few family members and friends who I knew wouldn’t laugh at me. 

One day this past Summer, for some reason, while talking to a former neighbor who was visiting, I mentioned this little man-boy spirit or ghost to him and I could tell from his reaction that he knew exactly what I was talking about. He shared how, when he lived in the neighborhood and had a sleep-over birthday party for his son, one of the boys was woken and startled by this very same little man-boy, got freaked out, and insisted his parents pick him up right then and there … at 2:00 a.m. 
Then, just a few weeks ago, a neighbor across the street mentioned how his young son woke up one night at around 2 am and saw something little walking up the stairs toward his room. And to top all of these encounters off, the day after Halloween, I bumped into my new next door neighbors who embarrassingly laughed and asked if I knew about any ghosts or menehune in the neighborhood. I froze, dropped my jaw, got chicken skin up and down both arms and on the back of my neck … “Why?” I asked. The husband replied, "because our two-year old was talking to someone last night and when we asked who it was, she said a little boy. … and when we asked if the little boy said anything, our two-year old simply put her finger to her lips and said, ‘hush’”.


Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween my ghoulies and ghosties! I hope you are having a spookily fun (and safe!) holiday. I posted a new story below, so enjoy!

How did you celebrate this year? What did you go as? I went as  gypsy, did some palm readings and tripped some people out.

I'd love to see your Halloween costumes!

Trouble Comes Down The Road

Informant: Female/27/Korean-Portuguese Ancestry
Location: Lihue, Kauai

My sister and her husband were about to start building their new house. Before they could get started, the construction crew insisted that the land be blessed first. So since they couldn't get a priest on such short notice, they got a Hawaiian Kahuna to bless it.

Me, my sister and her husband, and the construction workers all stood and did what we were told by the Kahuna. She said, "You're at the end of a cul de sac. Since you are at the end, I suggest you plant Ti plants here because trouble comes down the road. If you don't, there will be many arguments and fights in your house."

Not too long after that I was talking to a friend of mine who lived with his sister and her boyfriend. He was telling me that lately they have been getting into a lot of fights together. I remembered what the Kahuna said, so I asked him, "Do you happen to live at the end of the road?" He said, "Yeah, actually. How did you know?"

I told him to plant some Ti leaves. Not sure if they did or not, but they no longer live in that house anyway.


Spirit Alarm Clock

Informant: Female/24/Irish American ancestry
Location: Hilo, Hawaii

My boyfriend is a Hilo local of Hawaiian heritage who works for a security company. He had to go to Kona to start work by 6:00am, so he woke up at 3:00am and left by 3:15am. We live downtown in a huge, very safe building with a lot of empty rooms across from Central fire station, but today for some  reason I locked the door as soon as he walked out. I lay back down and put on my eye mask and headphones on to help me fall back asleep.

As soon as I laid down, I felt that I was not alone. Since they weren't earplugs I could still hear everything, just slightly muffled. I could hear noises like someone was moving around the room, but I tend to sometimes have an over-active mind and didn't want to believe there was a presence with me. Somehow I drifted into a very light sleep. I rolled over onto my side facing the door when all of a sudden something slid into the bed.

It got on top of me perpendicularly and started jumping up and down on top of me crushing in between my ribcage and my hip! Three times this happened before I could speak, I was so startled. I somehow managed to yell, "Get Out of here! Get out of here!" And the pressure disappeared. I just laid still with my eye mask on waiting. I could tell it was still in the bed and it felt like it was caressing the side of my face. As soon as it stopped I lunged towards my phone, ripped off my eye mask and turned on some worship music.

I could see nothing in our tiny studio that looked out of the ordinary. I know that I wasn't dreaming because when I rolled over in bed I woke up. I told my boyfriend what happened and he said that the evening before he had been lockig up the rooms after open house and had been whistling when he felt a chill on his neck. He apologized because he probably called the spirit with his whistling!


The Child Spirit

Informant: Female/49/Japanese Ancestry
Location: Kalaheo, Kauai

We were visiting my good friend's mother's house, and we looked outside her window and noticed sheep; lambs following their mother. It was something so cute and sweet to watch so I told my husband to take a picture with his phone. He took two pictures and I took a look at it when we got home to show my daughter. 

Well to my surprise I quickly noticed this white cloudy smoke by the sheep. I zoomed in and it was a see through apparition. It looked like a little child running down the hill. In the second shot is a little faded the white cloud, and you can see that the figure moved position.You also notice that the animals are not afraid of that spirit so I feel that it is not a harmful one.

Wow!! This is the most unusual kind of scary spirit we ever captured on film! What do you see?


The Slapping Ghost

Informant: Male/22/Hawaiian - Portuguese ancestry
Location: Lihue Airport, Kauai

I was sitting across the street in the smoking area one night waiting for my ride to pick me up. I was just minding my own business smoking by myself, nobody was around at all (it was pretty late at night). Suddenly I felt something gently touch the back of my neck. I ignored it; I didn't turn around to look if anyone was there.

Maybe I should have, because two seconds later someone slapped me hard on the back of the head. I jumped up and ran across the street. I still didn't look behind me.


The Levitating Stereo

Informant: Male/22/Portuguese - Hawaiian ancestry
Location: Kapahi, Kauai

I was sleeping one night. Dead sleep, like coma kind of sleep. Suddenly I was woken up by something. Across my bed was my stand with my TV, and next to that was an entertainment center with my big stereo on it. All of a sudden all I see is a big black shadow float over my bed. It was my stereo. Something had picked it up, and it floated over me and crashed onto the ground into a million pieces.

I got up and watched TV in the living room the rest of the night.

When my dad woke up he was like, "What are you doing in here?" I point to my room and tell him to go look. He was like, "What the hell did you do?" and I said, "What did YOU guys do in your past?"

I don't sleep in that room anymore.


The Pork Vanished

Informant: Female/30’s/European mixed ancestry
Location: Tunnel of Trees, Kauai

My cousin used to own a big blue van. We all used to cruise in it all the time. This particular time I wasn’t with them, but they told me this story.

They were driving through the tunnel of trees with a couple hundred pounds of raw pork in the back of the van. They bought in bulk. It was the middle of the day. They start driving through the tunnel when their van suddenly stalls. It completely dies. There is nobody on the road; no one coming, no one going, nobody behind them and nobody in front. The turned around, and the back doors of the van are wide open. When they looked in the back, all the pork was gone.

They shut the doors and drove out of the tunnel, not seeing one car on the way.


The Truck was Shaking

Informant: Male/22/Hawaiian – Portuguese ancestry
Location: Wailua, Kauai

I get off of work late, at 11pm. On Saturdays after work I go hunting at my usual spot in Wailua, just me and my dogs. On my way to my hunting spot I had a tingling on the back of my neck; something was telling me that I shouldn’t be going hunting tonight. But I continued on anyway.

After hunting for a while I decided to head back, but three of my dogs were missing. So I’m out there in the bushes calling my dogs. Finally two came back, but I was still missing one. I have a really bad feeling. Even though my dog was missing, I headed back to the truck. I loaded up the ones that came back but decided I couldn't just leave the other one behind. I go back to look for it.

I finally find my dog stuck in a log. I’m digging in the dirt trying to get the dog out and finally I get him. He can’t walk so I’m carrying him back to the truck, and as I get closer I can hear the dogs raising hell. When I reached the truck, it was shaking. And not just like swaying gently, but rocking violently with the dogs screaming in the back.

I said out loud, “I’m sorry if I offended you, I just came to do some hunting, I’m leaving right now.” As soon as I said that, the rocking stopped. I got into my truck and sped off. It was freezing cold and raining, but I was sweating bullets.

I drive a Dodge Ram. It's huge. It would take a few big guys to shake it as violently as I saw it shaking.


The Black Dog in the Tunnel of Trees

Informant: Male/27/European ancestry
Location: Tunnel of Trees, Kauai

I was told by a friend: "When you're driving through the tunnel of trees and you see a woman in white with long gray hair, stop and pick her up. But if you ever see a man or a dog, don't stop. Don't look back, don't look in your mirrors, just look straight ahead. If you look back, they will follow you to your house and it will be bad."

I'm driving home one night to Koloa. When I enter the tunnel, I see a black dog standing on the side of the road. Looked like a Rottwiler. I don't think anything of it, it's just a stray. Halfway through the tunnel, I see a black dog on the side of the road. I start to worry. At the end of the tunnel, the same black dog is standing in the middle of my lane, facing me. I remember what my friend said: "Don't stop."

So I continue driving, 50 mph. I'm thinking, "Move move move move get out of the way get out of the way, I can't stop he told me not to stop!" I finally reach the dog, and I go right over it. I don't feel anything, no bump, nothing. I don't look in my mirrors, I just keep going. 

I go back the next day thinking I clipped it, maybe it got out of the way. There was no sign that I hit anything in the road. Could it have been Poki?


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You...

Informant: Male/22/Hawaiian – Portuguese ancestry
Location: Wainiha, Kauai

Me and my friend were coming back one night from fishing on the north shore. It was pretty late, like 2:00 a.m. On our way back, we see a lady on the side of the road. A woman in white, with gray- white hair going down to her butt. 

As we’re about to pass her, she starts levitating. She levitates across the road to the passenger side of the truck where I'm sitting. I can’t see her face because her hair is covering it, but I can see red glowing eyes, like fire. Then I see both her arms wind back like she is going to throw something, and I throw my arms up over my head and yell.

The glass of the window shatters into a million pieces. I’m showered with glass. My friend starts to floor it, but I yell at him, “Stop! Stop! Stop the car!” So he stops, and I say, “If you need a ride we’ll give you a ride.”

Something jumps into the back of the truck. We can feel the truck shift with the weight.

When we get to where we were going, we hear a woman's voice say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

The next day, the broken window was completely fixed.


Calling Spirit in Wailua

Informant: Male/22/Hawaiian – Portuguese ancestry
Location: Wailua, Kauai

I was around 8 years old when this happened, I had just started going hunting. Me, my cousins and my uncle went hunting one evening in Wailua. By the time we were done we were about a mile away from our truck. It was about 9pm. My uncle said “I’m going to go get the truck, you kids wait here.” But my cousins wanted to go with my uncle. I said “I’ll wait right here. You come get me, I’m not walking.” My uncle was like “You sure you wanna wait alone?” I said "Hell no I'm not walking, I'll wait." So he said he would be back in half an hour with the truck.

Not too long after they left, I heard something moving in the bushes. Then I heard my uncle’s voice. “Hey! Come on let’s go.” I said “Hell no I’m not walking back!” And then my uncle whistled. You know when you’re out playing with the other kids in the neighborhood and your dad whistles for you to come inside and you know with that whistle you have to go? That’s the kind of whistle it was. So I jump up and start walking.

My uncle is talking, saying things like “You don’t wanna listen and you gonna get in trouble." Then he says,  "Come on lets go down here.” I said, “But I thought we were going back to the truck?” Just then I see head lights, and I hear my uncle’s stereo; the only song he ever plays when we go hunting.

I start running. 

Something grabs my backpack, and I let it take my bag. I get to the truck and my uncle asks, “Where’s your stuff?” I point back to where I was and say “I was following you. “ My uncle yells “Get in the car now!!”

I’m bawling, I’m scared. I know I messed up. I know you never answer when someone calls, but it sounded just like my uncle. Now when I go hunting, I never answer when anyone calls my name.


Wasn't That You Just Now?

Informant: Female/48/Japanese ancestry
Location: Molokoa II, Kauai

This is just a weird thing that happened to me one night, when I was getting ready to go to sleep. I was laying down on my pillow and my husband hadn't come inside the room yet. We had the AC running so the bedroom and bathroom doors were closed. I heard the bedroom door open and I looked but I had my husband's pillows sort of blocking part of my view. But I could see part of the hall way light shining though the doorway, and only the left side of my husband entering through the bedroom door, closing the door behind, and opening the bathroom door and closing it.

Then five seconds later the bedroom door opened and I looked thinking it was my daughter, but it was my husband. I sat up and asked, "Didn't you just come in through that door?" He said no, and opened the bathroom door and closed and brushed his teeth and came out. When he came out I was sitting on the bed and said "You are joking with me right? You came in before this right?" But he said no! Then I said "There is a ghost in this room because someone came in here and opened the door and went into the bathroom and then closed the door just like you did!" 

My husband didn't want to talk about it because it gave him chicken skin. But thank God it never happened again! Of course I couldn't sleep that night either! Just to think that a spirit can physically open a door and do the same routine that my husband would do is too creepy!


He Came Out of The Water

Informant: Female/20's/Mixed ancestry
Location: Fuji Beach, Kauai

My friend sent me these pictures. Her son was in the back of the truck playing with the phone as they were driving past Fuji Beach in Kapaa, also known as Baby Beach. As they're driving by he sees what looks like a white man coming out of the water, so he snapped a picture. As they passed by him, he snapped another picture. This is what he captured.

Here I've cropped, zoomed and adjusted the color and light balance to get a better view.

This is the same beach where the fireball was spotted. Perhaps the two are related?


The Forgotten Music Box

Informant: Male/26/Chinese ancestry
Location: Pahoa Valley, Oahu

A friend of mine who works in real estate came over one night to shoot the breeze. He was telling me about a certain apartment in a certain building somewhere in Makiki that was impossible to rent.

From what he knows, weird things would happen in the kitchen. Doors and drawers would pop open on their own. If you've ever seen the movie Paranormal Activity 2 and remember the kitchen scene, the occurrence is something along the lines of that. People would move in, and they would move right out.

As my friend is telling me about this, we hear a few lines of a faint melody. Faint music box music. And we're both thinking, what the hell? Is that a music box? Then I remembered that I did have a music box that I was given years ago by my parents. It was somewhere in my room, in a box buried somewhere. When I looked for the source of the music, I found my music box. It had fallen out of a box that I thought was in the back of my closet, but there it was on the floor.

It was probably just a strange coincidence, but it did provide a soundtrack for the conversation.


New Year's Spectre

Informant: Female/26/Korean ancestry
Location: Kalaheo, Kauai

I got a phone call from my friend on New Year's Eve while on my way to Koloa. She was on her way to Kalaheo when she saw something really strange.

"There's fireworks going off everywhere, aerials too. I don't know where I am, I'm almost to Kalaheo. But sudenely I see this ball of light flying across the sky. It didn't look like an aerial. It was changing from red to blue to green to purple. It was changing colors consistently! And it wasn't falling to the ground or shooting into the sky. It was just flying across the sky, changing colors. I was following it in my car! It flew off into the mountains."

To which I replied, "I don't think that's a firework."