Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween my ghoulies and ghosties! I hope you are having a spookily fun (and safe!) holiday. I posted a new story below, so enjoy!

How did you celebrate this year? What did you go as? I went as  gypsy, did some palm readings and tripped some people out.

I'd love to see your Halloween costumes!

Trouble Comes Down The Road

Informant: Female/27/Korean-Portuguese Ancestry
Location: Lihue, Kauai

My sister and her husband were about to start building their new house. Before they could get started, the construction crew insisted that the land be blessed first. So since they couldn't get a priest on such short notice, they got a Hawaiian Kahuna to bless it.

Me, my sister and her husband, and the construction workers all stood and did what we were told by the Kahuna. She said, "You're at the end of a cul de sac. Since you are at the end, I suggest you plant Ti plants here because trouble comes down the road. If you don't, there will be many arguments and fights in your house."

Not too long after that I was talking to a friend of mine who lived with his sister and her boyfriend. He was telling me that lately they have been getting into a lot of fights together. I remembered what the Kahuna said, so I asked him, "Do you happen to live at the end of the road?" He said, "Yeah, actually. How did you know?"

I told him to plant some Ti leaves. Not sure if they did or not, but they no longer live in that house anyway.