The Floating Feet in the Bathroom Stall

Informant: Female/20/Hawaiian, Caucasian
Location: Zippys,Kapolei

I was never a huge fan of public bathrooms, specifically because of the stories I’ve heard about people experiencing the paranormal there. Though I heard things it never scared me off...until now.

My boyfriend, our daughter and myself were eating at this restaurant. I had to use the bathroom and I had a weird feeling before even entering, but what are you gonna do? So I walk into the women’s bathroom and there are only two stalls. Naturally I look to see which is occupied and which isn’t. In the handicapped stall there are these black work shoes floating two to three inches off the ground. I go and sit in the open one and think to myself it’s weird that 2 big feet can’t reach the ground. So I bend over to look and they’re still there, floating. I’m creeped out, so I hurry and go back to my table, telling my boyfriend about what happened and thinking it was weird.

My eyes stay on the bathroom door. We were seated one table away and I’m waiting to see a really short granny come out or something. About 10 minutes later my daughter has to pee and I get up to take her. At the same time two other woman are entering the bathroom and I hold the door for them. Thinking to myself “It’s gonna be a long line because there’s only one stall open.” When we entered I saw one of the women that I held the door for enter into the stall that had those damn floating shoes! I swear I was watching the door the whole time and NO ONE came out.


The White Figure on Old Kam Highway

Informant: Male/40/Yonsei Japanese
Location: Old Kamehameha Highway, Kahalu`u

One night, back in about 2000, I was shooting laser (for my job) on Kahekili Highway near the Hygenic Store in Kahalu`u at about 1:30am. There weren't very many cars on the highway, being a weeknight, so I told my partner "Let's go back into Kaneohe town." He agreed and I decided to take the scenic route back to town on the Old Kameheha Highway, instead of Kahekili Highway.

I was the lead vehicle driving a Cushman and my partner was behind me in a car. While driving on Old Kam, I all of a sudden noticed a white figure run across the highway from makai to mauka. The white figure disappeared into the bushes. I accelerated my Cushman and transmitted on the radio to my partner, "You seen dat?!" He responded, "Nooo..." in a perplexed manner. As I approached the area where I saw the white figure disappear into the bushes, I switched on my side alley lights and stopped. My partner asked over the radio, "What had?" I responded, "I dunno. I seen one guy run across and go into da bushes."

While looking at the brush, I noticed that there were no bushes pushed to the side and the brush was still, no one trudging through it. At the time I thought nothing of it and dismissed it as a kid fooling around, or a possible figment of my imagination.

A few years later, I overheard a conversation between a longtime resident of Kahalu`u (a boss of mine) and a coworker. My boss was saying that a wahine died on Old Kam before in an auto accident and her white ghost is seen walking the highway.

Man, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up! I butted into the conversation and told them, "I seen the ghost!" Thinking back now, I recalled that the white figure didn't have any shins or feet and no details to its torso. It was just white!