A Pressing in Hale Wainani

Informant: Male/22/Mixed ancestry
Location: UH Manoa, Oahu (Hale Wainani)

It was storming and I wanted to go to the beach to see how big the waves were. I walked over the little grassy hill to the beach and saw the giant waves crashing on the shore. I excitedly ran to the shore to get a closer look and realized that something didn't belong. 

There was a little playground on the beach with a little girl sitting on the swings. I could tell that it would start to rain very hard soon, so I went over to see if the little girl was okay. She was facing away from me, but as I got closer, I recognized her to be my friend's little sister. I called out to her, but the wind was so strong that I don't think she could hear me. I finally get to her and I tap her shoulder, but she doesn't turn around. I move in front of her and notice that her head is down and she's crying, so I kneel down in front of her to get down to her level to comfort her. I reach out to touch her shoulder and she grabs my hand and looks up at me. Her eyes are completely black and tears of blood flow down her cheeks.

I wake up.

I'm still a little shaken by the nightmare and I begin to calm down as I realize I'm still in my dorm room. It's a nice night, the moon is out, I'm warm under my blanket, and I'm sleeping comfortably on my side. I try to shift positions and realize that I can't move. I try to roll, kick, anything, and nothing works. At which point I look to my door and notice a black figure resembling a little girl standing in my doorway. My mind immediately thinks back to the nightmare I just had. I try even harder to move. Nothing happens. The shadowy figure slowly makes its way to my bed. It creeps down to the side of my bed and lowers itself so I can't see it over the side of my bed. 

Panic sets in. 

I see two shadowy hands reach over and grab the side of the bed and, slowly, its head rises next until we are eye level with each other. I struggle to kick it away, but I still can't move. I try to yell at it to get away, but I can't make a sound either. It moves closer to me, we're face to face now. I finally manage to wiggle a finger and that seems to set the rest of my body in motion. 

I push away from the shadowy figure and sit up to kick it away, but as I prepare to kick, nothing is there.