The People in the Window

Informant: Female/31/Korean Ancestry
Location: West Side, Kauai

There's a picture in a relative's home of their very first store that they owned back in the 1800's, I believe. There's weird things in that picture. The following picture is only one portion of the entire picture, but is the portion that contains the anomalies. 

In the window, you can see two people standing there. There was nobody in the window when the photo was taken, I was told, and you can only make out their bodies from the chest up. Below the man on the right, you can see what looks like a skull. 

What do you think?


The Mossy Green Wolf of Kailua

Informant: Male/38/Chinese-Caucasian
Location: Kailua, Oahu,  HI

I'm no writer and don't claim to be a story teller. This story really happened, so I found a site that I can tell it on. 

This happened back in 1987 when I was 12 years old on [REDACTED] Way in Kailua, Oahu. The kids in the neighborhood used to come out late and play a game called "chuck-it." It was a very quiet cul-de-sac, so no one cared that we would play all night long. 

So here it is. We were all hiding in bushes and trees, hiding from the person that was "it." I remember this clearly 'cause it freaked me out and I still think of it today. The rain had just come through at about 2:00 a.m. Yes, we played in the rain too. We were all getting wet and the person who was it had tagged me. I had to come out of my hiding place and go to my friend and neighbor Chad Parris' porch while they continued searching for everyone else. While I was walking across the neighbors long driveway I felt something was looking at me. 

I looked back to my left and saw a dark green wolf with bright green eyes staring at me as I walked by. Yes, I do know that there are no wolves or foxes in Hawaii. It didn't run as it slowly walked by me. I froze and could only stare back 'cause of how scared I was. The wolf looked like it had wiry hair, but mossy looking. The size was like a normal grey wolf and it showed me his huge fangs. The strange thing is, it just continued on and never growled or barked. It was like he was just letting me know he was there and not to mess with him. It went on to jump the wall and walked along the lake. I yelled for everyone to come over to see what I just saw, and everyone said I was seeing things. I know what I saw. I didn't play with my friends for almost two weeks after that. They would still go out every night, but I was traumatized. The older locals I told the story to say it was the Goddess Pele and kids should never be out that late on Oahu. I moved away a year later and never saw it again. Since then, I have continued to search Hawaii folklore stories or strange animals in Hawaii and have yet to find another person who has seen it.

In 2006, I went to the movies to watch M. Night Shyamalan's The Lady in the Water. During the movie there is a green wolf creature and I was like OMG is this really happening. The creature looked a lot like what I saw, but his version had red eyes had grass on its back instead of moss. I don't know what legend he pulled that creature from, but that was it. Maybe someone knows the legend or myth this creature comes from, but I need to know and will continue searching...


"She's Coming for You."

Informant: Male/42/undisclosed ethnicity
Location: Waipahu

In 1994 I moved to Waipahu to take care of my grandma at a place called Tropicana Apartments. I was up late working on my cars interior one night and was tired, so just after midnight I decided to go buy cigarettes at the Shell Gas Station and vacuum my car. 

I took the back road (Waipahu Road) blasting my music, and as I came up to the traffic light I slowed down to make the right turn on Waikele Road. There weren't any cars or pedestrians around as I made the turn, but as I turned I heard clearly as if it was two inches from my ear, a woman saying angrily, "Turn down the music!" So I moved my head, startled, and looked to the left at where the person spoke so close to my ear. Then I turned my head further looking back, seeing if I drove past anyone. At that same moment, the volume started going down by itself without the knob turning. I let go of the gas pedal wondering, "What the hell?" Then my left forearm from elbow to fingertips started to hurt really bad, as if I left it in a freezer for days. I gassed it to the gas station at the corner and jumped out of my car trying to shake of the cold feeling that was hurting my arm. 

As I was confused, I walked to the sidewalk and looked back trying to figure out what just happened. I couldn't figure it out until I looked to the right side of the street and saw the graveyard right next to Waipahu Elementary School. And that's when I realized that what I heard was a ghost. She must have grabbed my arm, too. At that moment my chicken skin had chicken skin and I started jumping to shake it off. As soon as I collected my self I sat in my car and told myself not to go back that way after I bought cigarettes and vacuumed. 

After I was done, I saw a bunch of cops pulling a car over on the main road. I didn't want to take that route, so had no other choice but to go the same way I came. I drove home quick without looking at the graveyard or anything on the sidewalks and got home exhausted, went straight into the house, upstairs, without turning on any lights or TV and went straight to bed. I fell asleep quickly and was awoken in what felt like a 10 minute nap buy a little boy. 

He was about eight or nine years old, wearing a long-sleeved striped shirt. He grabbed my big toe and kept wiggling it. I got up and looked at him, wondering if maybe my grandma had guest's sleeping over. I lay back down to sleep, but again the boy grabbed my toes and wiggled them until I got up. This time I looked at him, and he pointed to the door and said, "The lady is coming for you." I put my head down again and thought, "What the hell is this kid talking about?" Then I remembered the voice and everything else and sat up, but there was no boy or sound of my door opening or closing. 

I got up and went into the other room (my grandma always slept in the living room downstairs) and I felt this woman (I don't know how to explain the feeling but it was powerful) coming down the street towards the apartments. Without looking outside, I could feel her presence. It was so strong, and it moved to the front door and stopped. I ran to my doorway looking around  for an escape because I was thinking she was gonna come up the stairs, but instead I felt her move up to the second floor and come into the house through the wall of the other room I just came from. I ran downstairs and into the bathroom (downstairs bathroom is located under the stairs) and felt her moving past my room. She went down the stairs and stopped halfway, and I felt her coming straight through the stairs, straight at me. That's when I opened the door and ran out the back, flicking the lights on as I ran.  I ran a few buildings away and waited for sunlight before going back home. 


Unexplained Camera Footage

Informant: Male/undisclosed age/Asian ancestry
Location: Koloa, Kauai

The following message and video was received from an informant:

"Supposedly, the cameras are for a church in Koloa. The church was being vandalized in the past so they decided to watch the video footage. Then they saw this.


The Girl in the Rain

Informant: Male/42/undisclosed ethnicity
Location: Kailua, Oahu

Back in 2004, I was at a bar one night in Kailua playing pool. I was heading home to Kaneohe just after midnight and it was raining heavy. I was at the traffic light in front of Castle Medical Center with no cars behind me when I noticed someone standing at the bus stop; just standing there in the rain instead of under the shelter. I thought to myself, "What kind of idiot stands in the rain like that with no jacket, etc., and no buses running?" 

So as I was passing the bus stop, I was trying to see who the idiot was when I saw it was a young local girl, probably mid -20's. She was looking at me passing so I pulled over to the side and reversed a bit to ask if she was going to Kaneohe, but instead she just jumped in the car. So I asked if she was going to Kaneohe and she said, "No, I have to go to K-Mart on Nimitz." I thought to myself, "F******-a, man."

So on we went without talking and I noticed that she had a few scratches on her arms and face, so I thought maybe she was in a fight or something. When we reached town I finally asked if she had missed the last bus and she said no, she was in an accident and she smashed her car. After she said that all the hair on my neck and head felt tingly like it was standing because it dawned on me that this girl is dead at the hospital and her spirit is here in my car, determined to get to K-Mart. 

On I went trying hard not to be scared. Finally, I park the car at K-Mart and she doesn't get out until I say, "We're here." Then she just jumped out of the car and never said thanks or anything and I noticed that she had no shoes, and I thought to myself, "Nahh cannot be." So I watched her walking to the K-Mart entrance, and before she even got close to the door she faded away, and my eyes just widened without blinking. I took a few deep breaths to calm down before heading home. I never looked at the passenger seat the whole drive home. I turned up the music and turned the rear view mirror upwards.


A Calling Spirit at the Wailua Golf Course

Informant: Male/29/Hawaiian-Mixed ancestry
Location: Wailua Golf Course, Kauai

Some friends and I decided to go fishing overnight behind the Wailua Golf Course. We got the poles ready, set up some tents, and built a fire and we were set for the night. It was a normal routine for us to drink and play music, so it was obvious that we'd do the same on this night. 

After a few drinks, a friend and I decided to use the restroom nearby on the golf course. When the restroom was in sight, my friend ran ahead to use the restroom first and by the time I got there he was already finished. I did my business and looked for my friend outside, and no surprise came when I couldn't find him seeing as how he liked playing tricks on people. I thought it wouldn't be that hard to find him seeing as how it was a full moon and I could see around the golf course fairly well. It was also going to be hard for a man of his size (6' 3", 250+ lbs.) to hide behind the little palm trees on the golf course. 

I heard a noise behind me and turned around to see a large figure moving behind the trees. I sneaked around the tree to scare him, but no one was there. I heard someone call my name from behind me and I saw him looking at me from behind the tree. I headed towards him as that was the way toward the camp anyway, but I couldn't find him when I get to the tree. I heard him call me again, this time leading deeper into the golf course. I was getting tired of his games, but obliged anyway. I kept my eye on him the whole time; I could only see his head, but I could barely make out his facial features. As I got closer, he slowly moved behind a tree again and when I get to the tree, he was nowhere to be found. Once again, he called me, this time even further into the golf course and away from our campsite. 

At this point I realized that there's no way that he could get that far that quickly and I started to get creeped out. Just in case, I yell to him that I was going back to the camp. He said no and insisted that I follow him... That was my cue to book it out of the golf course and back to the campsite. 

When I got back, my friend was already there and he asked where I went. He told me that he was waiting for me outside of the restroom and when I came out I told him to go back to the campsite alone because I wanted to check something out. I told him the last time I saw him was when I went into the restroom and didn't talk to him or see him when I came out. We decided to just pee in the bushes for the rest of the night and we've never been on the golf course at night again.


A Pressing in Hale Wainani

Informant: Male/22/Mixed ancestry
Location: UH Manoa, Oahu (Hale Wainani)

It was storming and I wanted to go to the beach to see how big the waves were. I walked over the little grassy hill to the beach and saw the giant waves crashing on the shore. I excitedly ran to the shore to get a closer look and realized that something didn't belong. 

There was a little playground on the beach with a little girl sitting on the swings. I could tell that it would start to rain very hard soon, so I went over to see if the little girl was okay. She was facing away from me, but as I got closer, I recognized her to be my friend's little sister. I called out to her, but the wind was so strong that I don't think she could hear me. I finally get to her and I tap her shoulder, but she doesn't turn around. I move in front of her and notice that her head is down and she's crying, so I kneel down in front of her to get down to her level to comfort her. I reach out to touch her shoulder and she grabs my hand and looks up at me. Her eyes are completely black and tears of blood flow down her cheeks.

I wake up.

I'm still a little shaken by the nightmare and I begin to calm down as I realize I'm still in my dorm room. It's a nice night, the moon is out, I'm warm under my blanket, and I'm sleeping comfortably on my side. I try to shift positions and realize that I can't move. I try to roll, kick, anything, and nothing works. At which point I look to my door and notice a black figure resembling a little girl standing in my doorway. My mind immediately thinks back to the nightmare I just had. I try even harder to move. Nothing happens. The shadowy figure slowly makes its way to my bed. It creeps down to the side of my bed and lowers itself so I can't see it over the side of my bed. 

Panic sets in. 

I see two shadowy hands reach over and grab the side of the bed and, slowly, its head rises next until we are eye level with each other. I struggle to kick it away, but I still can't move. I try to yell at it to get away, but I can't make a sound either. It moves closer to me, we're face to face now. I finally manage to wiggle a finger and that seems to set the rest of my body in motion. 

I push away from the shadowy figure and sit up to kick it away, but as I prepare to kick, nothing is there.