She Crawled Across the Floor

Informant: Female/45/Japanese ancestry
Location: Waipouli, Kapa'a

One night a while ago my husband and I were on our way home to Lihue from fishing down Hanalei. I needed to use the restroom, and since my husband's mother's house is on our way home in Kapa'a, we might as well stop by there.

It was around 12:45 a.m. and the light was still on, so we knew that she was still up. I was knocking on the front door and trying to look through the side glass that is next to the door with sheer curtains. While I was knocking and calling "grandma," I noticed this lady sitting on the floor leaning against the coffee table watching TV. I thought it was my husband's mother, so I told him, "You go and knock harder and call you mom!" which he did while I was looking through the glass.

Well when that lady heard him knock and yell harder, she jumped up and started to crawl towards the front door where we were. I couldn't see her face because she was looking down, only her body, salt and pepper hair and kind of faded, old -fashioned style clothes. Weird! I told my husband, "Hey, you scared somebody now she is right here by the door! Try call and knock again..." So he did, and I was straining to look through the window right down by the front door where we were, to see her get up to open the door...

Then grandma came in opening the kitchen door on the other side and walked across the living room and unlocked the front door.

I was shocked to see her coming from the kitchen and not notice the lady hiding right by the front door where I just saw her crawl to! When I walked into the house I looked behind, and nothing. Weird!

Later in the weeks to come, we were looking at some old photos and I noticed a picture of that lady because of her hair style and color and her old faded clothes. I told my husband, this is who I seen that night crawling towards the door. They said that it was their grandmother that passed away a long time ago, their dad's mother... Wow! I actually saw her spirit inside their house where she use to live. Maybe that is why his sister's kids don't like to sleep in their own room. I guess she does came back to visit!


A Ball of Light at Hanalei Pier

Female/49/Japanese ancestry
Location: Hanalei Pier, Kauai

My husband and I decided to go fishing one night. It was a beautiful clear night at first we where at Wainiha Beach and nothing was really biting, so we decided to drive to Hanalei Pier on the way back. It was around 3:30 a.m

While I was fishing over the pier looking towards the mountains side, I noticed this bright blue-green round ball moving slowly downwards from the sky towards the top of the mountain. This bright blue-green ball had a bright blue, short thin tail behind it, and when it went behind the mountain there was a really bright lighting flash. 

I yelled for my husband to look at the ball by the mountain!  My husband only seen the lighting flash, which was really bright. The weirdest, strangest thing I have ever seen in 21 years of fishing. But I remember someone telling me that on the Big Island he seen many of these fire balls as he called it, and that the people would say it was the Hawaiian gods fighting each other. That's why you would see some flying up towards the sky and others falling down from the sky to hit the land. Strange that I have never heard of that. I just thought it was like a beautiful shooting star, but the color was odd, not bright white.


The Singing Dogs in the Wind

Female/50/German, English, Northern European
Location: Makaha Valley, Oahu

We moved to Oahu in September 1969 and my family moved to Makaha valley in 1971, roughly. It was great back then, was still pretty much country kine style; every family lot was good size, like a quarter acre. Our property had big mango trees and the back of the property was untamed, just plenty tall grass and koa, good for cutting trails, making forts and flying kites bought from the old corner store, when had good wind!
We lived on an old bumpy road. Pretty much was all old bumpy roads back then. Kaulaili road was our road with a long driveway to the property. Nobody ever came our house for trick or treat, too spooky! First year we lived there my mom bought candy to give out but no one would come down the long dark driveway to the house! Us kids never mind though cause we scored extra candy!

On our property had two houses: one large house that was actually half of a barracks, and a smaller house that was officer quarters: old crystal doorknobs and windows that were operated by rope pulleys, big heavy doors in the main house. It was a cool place to live for a kid, but also spooky.

I remember one night I was alone in the big house while my brothers and their friends were hanging out in the small house. My parents were out for the evening. I was young grade school age, alone in the main house sitting in my dad's recliner watching one of three channels just before had cable. I was happy I got to watch whatever I wanted since we only had one TV back then. It was dark and never have any wind, only little bit light on in the house, fairly quiet except once in a while hearing my brother them laughing next door, sucking 'em up, making fun of each other!

Then from far away up the valley I could hear a faint noise, like dogs barking and howling. Then could hear it a little bit louder. As this captured my attention, it seemed as though the sound was moving down the valley coming our way. I noticed another sound with it; it sounded like wind, best I could make out, yet all was quiet with our dogs and no breeze blowing, more still then anything. I listened as it came closer, now able to tell it was traveling from the back of the valley down toward the ocean, traveling through each road one at a time. You could hear the change as soon as it hit the next road down. The dogs on that road would begin to howl and singsong as dogs do when they're alerting about seeing something like a spirit. As the next road of dogs began to make noise, the dogs from the previous road would become quiet. As it moved closer road by road you could hear a loud wind through the trees, although not yet in our yard. Finally it came closer and closer until it was on our road.

All the dogs on our road began to sing and howl and the once still trees began to shake and sway from a strong wind rustling the leaves. Then a strong gust of wind blew through our house slamming every door shut one by one! As it moved on to the next road closer to the ocean, our dogs quieted and the trees settled, beginning again with the dogs on the next road until all sound stopped, our place quiet, the trees still, the dogs quiet.

Later I had been told by my friend's parents of how the spirits travel from the heiau in the valley towards the ocean and back again. I listened as they told me of night marchers and what the dogs see and how they respond. Thus began Auntie's education, with many more experiences to follow.

Aloha to all the kupunas who raised the young haole girl with love giving me the sense of Ohana and love that was missing in my own home. Mahalo Nui Loa to my Hawaiian Aunties and Uncles and the beautiful local people who became my Ohana.


The Jeep

Informant: Male/26/Portuguese, Chinese, Hawaiian ancestry
Location: Kealia, Kauai

I was around 15 when this happened. It was the 4th of July and me, my dad and my sister went up to Monuments to bust fireworks. It was around 12:30 a.m. and I was busting fireworks in something like a big gigantic drain. My dad and my sister were just sitting around watching me. I ran out of fireworks, so I went back to the truck to get some more. When I turned around, there was an old, old Jeep right behind me. The kind that was just bars, no cover or anything.

The way this place is, it’s a dirt road. We went down it about one mile, and we could see the beginning of it. If there had been any cars coming, we would have seen them. But there it was, right behind me. Nobody heard it or saw it coming. The Jeep was revving it's engine. When I looked in it, there was nobody there. There was no driver. It revved its engine again, and drove off down the road. I saw the lights turn the corner, and it was gone.

I looked over at my dad and sister, and my dad said, “You guys saw that? Did you see anyone in the car?” I told him there was nobody in it. He says, “We goin' follow. Come on.” So we all get in the truck, and my dad starts it up, and it dies. He tried three more times, and it died out each time. He says to us, “If the truck dies out a fifth time, that means something doesn’t want us to follow it.” He started the truck, and it died out again. Finally my dad said, “Let’s get outta here.” He threw it in reverse, it didn’t stall, and we left.

About three weeks later, I went to ride dirt bike with my uncle up at Monuments. We got to the road that we had been on that night, so I tell my uncle, “Eh, let’s go down this road. I want to see what’s down here.” So a little ways down the road, where we saw the Jeep turn, there was a tree. And wrapped around the tree was a Jeep. It looked like it had been there for a long time because it was all rusted. It was the same Jeep that I had seen that night.


Disembodied Legs in Wainiha

Informant: Female/49/ Japanese ancestry
Location of Incident: Wainiha, Kauai

My husband and his friends all wanted to go fishing so we headed out to Wainiha down the north shore side. While all the lines were in the ocean, some of us were hanging out on top of the reef. Some of them were trying to catch jumping jacks while others like me were picking those large pipipi's off the rocks. I was so into picking the pipipi's with my headlight that I just suddenly noticed legs, tabis and shorts passing right in front of me. I didn't think of anything of it; I just thought it was my friend Don who was going to check what my husband was up to. Don and my husband were to the right of me, and everyone else was near the beach. So I didn't look up, I just said "Hi Don!" and he just grunted back.

When my hands were full of pipipi's, I walked over to my husband who was talking with Don. I asked, "Hey, Don, didn't you just pass me to go by your brother? I said hi to you and you just grunted."

Now, Don is really afraid of ghost, spooks, and spirits. He said "Ohhh no way! No say that, that scares me! As spooky stuff that you seen me walk by you, and I grunted at you!" I said, "Yeah! It was your same shorts, legs, and tabis!"
Well I don't know who passed by me that night but someone or something did!


Followed Home

Informant: Male/32/Filipino, Caucasian
Location: Ele'ele, Kauai 

Sometimes trouble follows you home.

One night back in my young boy days, I was driving aroundlooking for my friends at the usual beach hangout spots. I checked at all the locations, but no one was there. While at those locations I burned rubber and did doughnuts for fun. I couldn't find any of my friends that night so I decided to go home. 

The next morning when I woke up I felt like I had the flu; my body felt weak and drained. I went into the living room and laid down. My grandma came up to me and asked me if I made humbug last night. She told me that she woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and saw a ghost lady go into my room. I told her, "Yes," then I fell asleep on the couch. 

At about lunch time I awoke to my grandma whacking me with malunggay leaves and praying. Then I felt the weakness I was having lift away as if it where magic. I felt like my normal self in a matter of seconds.

All I can say is no make humbug when you out and about bumbye they going make humbug to you.


Grandma's House

Informant: Male/32/Filipino, Caucasian
Location: Ele’ele, Kauai

I was raised by my grandparents since I was five years old. Since their house was built, it seemed to always have supernatural activity. Their house is located at the end of a dead end street and has a cement walkway on the right side for pedestrians to cut through. My grandma told me that when they bought the land she had a dream that on the right side of the yard was a pathway for Hawaiians.

A lot of weird things happened there. There seemed to be a white lady that appeared ever so often that everyone who lived in the house had seen. My first experience was when I was six or seven years old. I was about to sleep on the top bed of a bunk bed that I shared with my two sisters when I heard a growl. I looked up to see this grayish-white lady at the top part of my bed. I threw my blanket over my head and forced myself to go to sleep.

Throughout my years living there, other things I have experienced consisted of glass cups shattering for no reason while looking at it, knocking on the door at night with nobody there, hearing the door open and close even though it was locked with a dead bolt that has no key, and the chain on the top of the door attached. I've seen a bright light appear at 4:00 a.m. coming out of the ground ten feet away.

The craziest encounter happened when I was playing video games in the living room at about 1:00 a.m. I was playing with the lights off when, from the corner of my eye, I saw this grayish-white figure coming down the hallway. In my mind I thought it was my grandma coming to tell me that it's late and to go sleep. When it reached the living room, I turned to look at it, thinking it was my grandma. It was like a scene from a Hollywood movie. It moved in a slow gliding manner. It was an older lady with a mad looking face. She didn't look at me; she just glided toward the front door, which was about three feet away from me, and vaporized into thin air. After that, I was like, “It's time to go to sleep.”