Spirit Lights Over the Sleeping Giant

Informant: Male/25/Mixed Ancestry
Location: Wailua Houselots, Kauai

It was just before sunrise. The cool night air still lingered and a few bright stars struggled to maintain their presence in the fading night sky. I had just finished working the overnight shift and was on my way home. I looked up to admire the stars and noticed two bright, white lights above the head of the Sleeping Giant that didn't seem to belong. 

I pulled off to the side of the road to get a better view -- I wasn't sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me after being awake all night. The lights were still there, like two tiny moons, almost as bright as a full moon, but about half the size and no more than 100 feet above the mountain. One light glided slowly and steadily north toward its destination while the other followed, circling and bouncing around the steady light. The scene was reminiscent of a child eagerly wanting to venture off and explore, yet knows not to stray too far from the parent. They traveled from the head of the Sleeping Giant and out over the bypass until they hid behind the clouds over Kapa'a.


The Lychee Tree in the Back Yard

Informant: Female/68/Hawaiian
Location: Wailua Houselots, Kauai

I've always been afraid of my backyard.

The leaves from the huge lychee trees blocks out the sunlight and deafens the noise from the outside. It's dark with just the sudden rustling of the leaves around you to keep you company. The only ray of sunlight exists between the trees. The only area in my backyard that I feel safe - at least, I used to feel safe.

Although I've never felt comfortable in my backyard, we chose to have a clothesline in between the lychee trees. I went into the backyard a couple times a week to hang our clothes to dry and that's it. One day, while heading to the backyard to hang my clothes, I had a very bad feeling about going back there. It was worse than the normal fear I get going back there; I felt like something bad was going to happen. I had only managed to hang a few shirts when I felt someone from behind me grab my shoulder. I looked to my right and saw a slender hand with blood-red skin and pointy black nails squeezing my shoulder. I didn't want to take the time time to fully turn around and see who it was. I sprinted into the house and immediately called my husband to tell him what happened. He returned home from work a few hours later and we went to the clothesline together. All the clothes had been ripped and thrown all over the place - there were clothes in the trees, dirt, and even on the roof.

Till this day, I refuse to go into my backyard in fear that I won't be so lucky if the hand grabs me again.



Informant: Female/30/Hawaiian mixed ancestry
Location: Pahoa, Big Island

I'm afraid to go to sleep tonight. 

I kept waking up with the feeling last night that someone was in the room with me. At one point during my rest, I swore I felt a body press up right up against me to cuddle. It even did that snuggling motion when someone is trying to get as close as possible. I smiled with my eyes closed, thinking it was my dog, who sometimes sneaks into my room at night, and felt immediately reassured… 

And then I reached out to embrace my dog and pull him closer. It felt larger than my dog. I freaked and opened my eyes, and I saw nothing. I reached out again and felt...nothing.


Dad's Recliner

Informant: Female/16/Ethnicity unknown
Location of Incident: Oahu

I was going out with my friends, without permission from my dad, one Friday night. I was able to sneak out of the house after he went to his room to sleep. After leaving my home as quietly as possible, I met my best friend a few houses down and got into the car.

As we began to drive away I pulled my purse up to my lap, and realized I didn't have my wallet... no money or I.D. means no fun. I convinced my friend to turn around and pull up to my house while I quickly retrieved my wallet. As we came up to my house, my friend had a very bad feeling. She said something didn't feel right. She's kinda special in that she often has feelings before strange or weird things happen.I told her not to be scared and I'd be back super fast.

As I got to my front door, I could see light coming from the living room window. Thinking my dad woke up to watch T.V., I was getting ready for a tongue lashing. I opened the door already formulating an excuse as to where I went when I noticed my dad sitting in the recliner crashed out. I thought that maybe his bedroom was too hot and he decided to come outside to rest. I went quickly to my room to grab my things and past in front of my father's room, whose door was wide open, when I heard a noise coming from within.

I didn't think, but after retrieving my money I realized that I heard snoring coming out of his room. As I walked back over to pass his doorway I peered into his door and the hair on my entire body shot straight up as I witnessed my dad, lying in his bed deep in slumber! My body began to shake uncontrollably and a sense of fear over took me. I struggled to return to the front door, to what felt like freedom.

As I came upon the living room I could see the red glow of the television dancing across the walls of the kitchen. No sound, no noise, just a chill. It got colder and colder as I came around the corner to the living room. 
I looked in and saw my father sitting on the recliner, his deep black eyes now looking in my direction. I suddenly heard a voice. I turned to look towards the sound and could hear my friend calling for me frantically from behind the front door. When I turned to look back at my dad I could see a slight grin breaking through his hard clay face. My heart sank, and I didn't know what to do.

My friend finally came through the front door and yelled to get away from it. At that moment, the television turned off and the room went black. We made it out of the house safely, but not without fear. My friend told me that she heard a voice say to her, "Go and get Lea out!". She said it sounded like my dad.

After everything started to calm down, and my friend and I gained courage to reenter the house. The entire home felt different. Back to normal. I believe that because I had bad intentions to deceive my dad, I was shown what it could be like to be deceived myself. I no longer keep things from my friends or family. I have a strange feeling of gratitude to whatever was there that night. I learned a very valuable lesson.


Dried Akule

Informant: Male/52/Japanese ancestry 
Location: Ele'ele, Kauai 

My boy was about five years old whent this happened. Every Thursday night, my wife used to take him to the library. On their way back, he said out of the blue, "All our ancestors are in the car right now!" My wife thought, oh crap. So she asked who was there. My boy started listing off aunts and uncles who had passed away, and named my brother, who had passed away one or two years prior. My wife asked what they wanted, and my boy said they just wanted to say hi. 

He said when they got near Ele'ele McDonald's, all of the spirits left the car, except my brother. My boy asked him, "You not going to go get McDonald's too? You don't want to eat a cheese burger?" My brother told him, no, cheese burgers hurt his stomach. My brother was extremely lactose intolerant, I think maybe he had irritable bowel syndrome. But he hated cheese burgers. I knew this, but there's no way my boy would have known that. My brother then told my boy that he didn't like eating dried akule either, because the salt on it dried out his lips. I didn't know about this, and there's no way my boy would know, so I called my mom to ask. 

I told her what my boy had said, and she said, "You know, I knew that he didn't really care for dried akule, but I never knew why." I told her, "Well, now you know." 


Lover's Leap

Informant: Male/52/Japanese ancestry
Location: Waimea Landing, Kauai

My boy told me this story. He was with his grandpa and they had some time to kill while waiting for grandma at a doctors appointment, so they decided to have a snack down at Waimea Landing. While they were there, they saw two people, a man and a woman. They were wearing clothing like from the 1800's, and they were talking to each other. Then, suddenly, they both jumped into the ocean.

Grandpa asked my boy, "Did you hear a splash?" Which he didn't. When they got out to investigate, they saw nothing in the water. They didn't stick around long enough to investigate any further.


2:00 a.m.

Informant: Male/52/Japanese ancestry
Location: Kalaheo, Kauai 

When my boy was six months old, he began crying in the middle of the night. Every night at 2:00 a.m., he would wake up and cry. At first I let him cry, but eventually I would have to go check on him. When I would enter his room, he would be standing in his crib holding onto the bars, nearest the door, crying and looking for us. This went on every night for about a week. He would cry at 2:00 a.m., I would go to his room, and he'd be in his crib nearest the door. I thought, maybe it's my grandparents visiting. I know that spirits have no concept of time, so I said, "There is a time to visit, and 2:00 a.m. is not the time. Come back at a reasonable time!"

One night when my boy cried, I went to his room as usual, but instead of being near the door, he was facing the window with his back pressed against his crib, crying. Something was at the window. I went over to it and felt a chill, but this chill was only at my legs. I realized whatever was there was not my grandparents, and enough was enough. My wife's cousin contacted a Hawaiian kahuna for us, who came to the house. 

At the time that this was going on, they were doing road work on the intersection near my house. After walking around the house, the woman said that there were two Hawaiians coming to my house. Their resting place was near the intersection, and the roadwork had disturbed them. In an attempt to get to the afterlife, they found the brightest light. As children are pure and innocent, they shine brightly, so the spirits were drawn to my boy. The kahuna placed salt in the corner of my boy's room and told me to plant ti leaves at the four corners of my house, which I did. She told the spirits that my boy was not the right light, and they left. 

He didn't cry at 2:00 a.m. again.