A Pressing in Hale Wainani

Informant: Male/22/Mixed ancestry
Location: UH Manoa, Oahu (Hale Wainani)

It was storming and I wanted to go to the beach to see how big the waves were. I walked over the little grassy hill to the beach and saw the giant waves crashing on the shore. I excitedly ran to the shore to get a closer look and realized that something didn't belong. 

There was a little playground on the beach with a little girl sitting on the swings. I could tell that it would start to rain very hard soon, so I went over to see if the little girl was okay. She was facing away from me, but as I got closer, I recognized her to be my friend's little sister. I called out to her, but the wind was so strong that I don't think she could hear me. I finally get to her and I tap her shoulder, but she doesn't turn around. I move in front of her and notice that her head is down and she's crying, so I kneel down in front of her to get down to her level to comfort her. I reach out to touch her shoulder and she grabs my hand and looks up at me. Her eyes are completely black and tears of blood flow down her cheeks.

I wake up.

I'm still a little shaken by the nightmare and I begin to calm down as I realize I'm still in my dorm room. It's a nice night, the moon is out, I'm warm under my blanket, and I'm sleeping comfortably on my side. I try to shift positions and realize that I can't move. I try to roll, kick, anything, and nothing works. At which point I look to my door and notice a black figure resembling a little girl standing in my doorway. My mind immediately thinks back to the nightmare I just had. I try even harder to move. Nothing happens. The shadowy figure slowly makes its way to my bed. It creeps down to the side of my bed and lowers itself so I can't see it over the side of my bed. 

Panic sets in. 

I see two shadowy hands reach over and grab the side of the bed and, slowly, its head rises next until we are eye level with each other. I struggle to kick it away, but I still can't move. I try to yell at it to get away, but I can't make a sound either. It moves closer to me, we're face to face now. I finally manage to wiggle a finger and that seems to set the rest of my body in motion. 

I push away from the shadowy figure and sit up to kick it away, but as I prepare to kick, nothing is there.


Pele Visits the Coco Palms Resort

Informant: Male/40's/Filipino
Locationt: Coco Palms Resort

I was a bartender and my wife was a waitress at the Coco Palms Resort in the 1960's. One night as we were closing up the bar, I heard the door bells chime and turned to see a young woman walking up to the bar. She had long brown hair and a long red dress that covered her feet and made her walk seem unusual. She walked up to me and asked, "May I have a puhi paka, please?"

"I don't know what kind of drink that is. Even if I did, I can't make it for you because we're closed. You need to leave!" She seemed angry with my reply. My wife came running from the other side of the restaurant, "No, honey, she's asking for a cigarette." she told me. "I'm sorry, Ma'am. We don't smoke. May I offer you a free soda instead?" I began to object, but my wife quickly cut me off.

"No," the woman said, "Thank you for your kindness." And with that, she turned and walked her unusual walk out of the restaurant.

"You idiot!" My wife yelled at me. "I'm in charge of this bar and I'm not going to give free drinks or cigarettes to anyone that barges in after hours!" I barked back.

"Didn't you see her eyes?" She asked. "When you told her to leave, there was fire in her eyes. You pissed her off! That was the goddess Pele. If she ever asks you for something, you give it to her!"

"How do you know it was her?" I asked.

"Besides the fire in her eyes? I could tell by the way she walked... She was floating."


Fly Like an Eagle

Informant: Male/25/Hawaiian-Mixed Ancestry
Location: Kapaa, Kauai

In the late 1990's I read in the newspaper that a boy that lived down the road from us had accidentally hanged himself while he was playing in his yard. I later found out that he was one of my brother's basketball rivals; they had recently competed against each other in a three-point shootout tournament which my brother won. I asked my brother about him and he didn't have much to say other than he knew the boy's favorite song was "Fly Like An Eagle" because it was recently featured in Space Jam and Michael Jordan was his favorite basketball player.

A few nights later, our neighbors came over to play video games and spend the night. The Christmas before, I received an Electronic Hot Shot Basketball game and we were playing with that, seeing who could get the highest score. We got bored, put the game away and moved on to the new Playstation my brothers and I also got for Christmas. 

We were playing video games and listening to music when the song "Fly Like An Eagle" started playing on the stereo. A minute or so into the song, all the electricity goes out including the Playstation, TV, and lights, so we're in complete darkness. Everything went off except for the stereo; the song was still playing. We were already terrified from the dark and everything turning off except for the stereo when we heard another noise. 

The Hot Shot Basketball game had turned on on its own and basketballs were being shot, but all of us were hiding on the other side of the room. We all ran upstairs to find that the electricity was working fine upstairs.

After taking a few minutes to calm down, we all went downstairs together to find that the lights were back on, but the stereo was off and the Hot Shot Basketball had been moved and was used. Till this day, we all swear that we didn't turn the game on and have yet to figure out exactly what happened. Maybe it was my brother's friend paying us a visit to show that the basketball rivalry is still on.


From the Reservoir

Informant: Male/29/Mixed ancestry
Location: Wailua Houselots, Kauai 

This happened about 10 years ago. 

A really close friend of mine was out drinking late one night and on his way home, drove off the road and drowned in the reservoir. A few days later, I experienced what I have come to know as sleep paralysis. 

I woke up in the middle of the night and saw a shadowy figure on top of me. I couldn't breathe and I couldn't move. But because I was aware of what was happening, I just relaxed and it all went away after a few seconds. Thinking nothing of it, I went back to sleep. However, when I woke up the next morning I realized that it wasn't a normal sleep paralysis... 

I was very confused when I found grass all over me. I looked around to try to figure out where the grass came from and noticed a giant puddle of muddy water and grass next to my bed... like water from a reservoir.


Vanishing Hitchiker in Kailua

Informant: Male/42/ethnicity unknown
Location: Oahu

Back in 2004 I had been at a bar in Kailua playing pool, and I was heading home to Kaneohe just after midnight. It was raining heavy, and I was at the traffic light in front of Castle Medical Center with no cars behind me. I noticed someone standing at the bus stop, just standing there in the rain instead of under the shelter thing for the bus stop. I thought to myself, what kind of idiot stands in the rain like that with no jacket and no buses running? 

So as I was passing the bus stop I was trying to see who the idiot was and I saw it was a young local girl, probably mid 20's. She was looking at me as I passed so I pulled over to the side and reversed a bit to ask if she was going to Kaneohe, but instead she just jumped in the car. I asked if she was going to Kaneohe and she said no, "I have to go to K-Mart on Nimitz," and I thought to myself, freakin'-a, man. So on we went without talking. I noticed that she had a few scratches on her arms and face so I thought maybe she was in a fight or something. When we reached town I finally asked if she had missed the last bus and she said no, she was in an accident and she smashed her car. 

After she said that all the hair on my neck and head felt tingly, like it was standing, because it dawned on me that this girl was dead at the hospital and her spirit was here in my car determined to get to K-Mart. On I went trying hard not to be scared. Finally I parked the car at K-Mart and she didn't get out until I said, "We're here." Then she just jumped out of the car and never said thanks or anything and I noticed that she had no shoes and I thought to myself, "Nah cannot be." So I watched her walk to the K-Mart entrance and before she even got close to the door, she faded away, and my eyes just widened without blinking. 

I took a few deep breaths to calm down before heading home. I never looked at the passenger seat the whole drive home, turned up the music and turned the rear view mirror upwards.


Spirit Lights Over the Sleeping Giant

Informant: Male/25/Mixed Ancestry
Location: Wailua Houselots, Kauai

It was just before sunrise. The cool night air still lingered and a few bright stars struggled to maintain their presence in the fading night sky. I had just finished working the overnight shift and was on my way home. I looked up to admire the stars and noticed two bright, white lights above the head of the Sleeping Giant that didn't seem to belong. 

I pulled off to the side of the road to get a better view -- I wasn't sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me after being awake all night. The lights were still there, like two tiny moons, almost as bright as a full moon, but about half the size and no more than 100 feet above the mountain. One light glided slowly and steadily north toward its destination while the other followed, circling and bouncing around the steady light. The scene was reminiscent of a child eagerly wanting to venture off and explore, yet knows not to stray too far from the parent. They traveled from the head of the Sleeping Giant and out over the bypass until they hid behind the clouds over Kapa'a.


The Lychee Tree in the Back Yard

Informant: Female/68/Hawaiian
Location: Wailua Houselots, Kauai

I've always been afraid of my backyard.

The leaves from the huge lychee trees blocks out the sunlight and deafens the noise from the outside. It's dark with just the sudden rustling of the leaves around you to keep you company. The only ray of sunlight exists between the trees. The only area in my backyard that I feel safe - at least, I used to feel safe.

Although I've never felt comfortable in my backyard, we chose to have a clothesline in between the lychee trees. I went into the backyard a couple times a week to hang our clothes to dry and that's it. One day, while heading to the backyard to hang my clothes, I had a very bad feeling about going back there. It was worse than the normal fear I get going back there; I felt like something bad was going to happen. I had only managed to hang a few shirts when I felt someone from behind me grab my shoulder. I looked to my right and saw a slender hand with blood-red skin and pointy black nails squeezing my shoulder. I didn't want to take the time time to fully turn around and see who it was. I sprinted into the house and immediately called my husband to tell him what happened. He returned home from work a few hours later and we went to the clothesline together. All the clothes had been ripped and thrown all over the place - there were clothes in the trees, dirt, and even on the roof.

Till this day, I refuse to go into my backyard in fear that I won't be so lucky if the hand grabs me again.