Backseat Surprise in Kalihi

Informant: Male/64/Japanese-American
Location: H1 E off-ramp to Kalihi Street mauka

In 1976 I was a drummer in a blues-rock band, returning home to Kalihi from a gig in Haleiwa, around midnight on a Thursday. I took the Eastbound H-1 off-ramp onto Kalihi Street going mauka, which passes in front of the Kalihi Library near the Bishop Museum. 

 As I looked over my right shoulder to merge to my right, I was shocked to see in my back seat a young woman of high school age, casually looking out the window. She was wearing a 60's era aloha print tunic-type dress, her face illuminated by the older pre-mercury arc streetlights of the decade. As the ramp curved onto Kalihi Street, she turned toward me, showed a look of surprise, and vanished! 

I can say that I had nothing to drink that night (the gig was at a church) and I was not sleepy (my normal sleep time was past 1:00 a.m.). Has anyone had similar experiences in the area?