Grandpa's Sign

Informant: Male/24/Filipino ancestry
Location: Koloa, Kauai

We got word that my grandpa had passed away, so my entire family went back to the Philippines for his funeral. Since I had business on Kauai, they let me stay back for the full 10 days that they would be gone. While they were in the Philippines they waited for some sort of sign from my grandpa, but it never came.

That whole time I was alone though, I felt creeped out. Not a scary feeling, but just a feeling like there was someone in the house with me, when I knew that wasn't possible at all. Then one day I stopped to talk to my neighbor, who asked me how my grandpa was.

"Oh, he passed away," I informed him. He seemed surprised, but not as surprised as I was by what he said next.

"What? But I just saw him this morning drinking coffee in the yard and playing with the cats."

My family never got a sign from my grandpa in the Philippines because he was too busy watching over me while I was alone.