Voices at Anini Beach

Informant: Female/12/mixed ancestry
Location: Anini beach, Kauai

Me and my family went camping at the end of Anini beach one weekend: me, my mom, dad, brother, and my dog and cat. That first evening we were there my dog, who was right next to me, all of a sudden got paralyzed. My cat went over to him, and my dog growled and swiped at my cat, but missed. But my cat fell to the ground, his chest all scratched. When we looked closer at the scratches, there were human fingernails in the wounds.

The next day my whole family went to gather some firewood in the nearby mountain. My dad was far up ahead, and me and my brother were together, with my mom not too far behind. Coming from the bushes we started hearing whispers coming from all around us. Suddenly a black shadow passed by us. My dad was too far up ahead to hear anything, but my mom called out from behind us asking if we heard anything. She was behind, but she had heard it too.


Kent Rancourt said...

Thank you for sharing tthis