The Knudsen Gap Hitchiker

Informant: Female/age unknown/Japanese ancestry
Location: Knudsen Gap, Tunnel of Trees, Kauai

It was 10:30 p.m. and my sister was leaving work from Kalaheo and heading towards Lihue. She notice that she was the last car as she passed the Tunnel of Trees. As she was going down the slight hill where there is an old, short concrete bridge, she notice out of the corner of her eye there was a really bright light shining from the passenger seat window. She suddenly realized a very dark figure had entered her car and was sitting in the passenger's seat. The air suddenly became extremely cold; so cold that her teeth started chattering. She didn't dare look at the dark figure that was sitting right next to her. She just kept asking out loud, "Is that you, dad? Is that you, dad?"

This lasted the span of about a minute as she was about to make the turn that goes between the mountain. Suddenly the dark figure jumped out of the car into the hao bushes. The air in the car returned to normal. She wasn't freezing nor were her teeth chattering.

That dark figure scared her so badly that her husband had to drive her to work for about three weeks until she felt comfortable enough to drive by herself again. She never encountered that scary ghost hitchhiker again nor does she ever want to. That stretch of road is called the Knudsen Gap, and there have been quite a few tragic accidents on that straight away. I think (don't quote me on this) it might have to do with that dark figure that jumped in her car.My sister didn't look at it so she wouldn't crash. I can only imagine what that thing looked like. Scary...