Spirits in The Bank

Informant: Male/26/Chinese ancestry
Location: Kapahulu, Oahu

I work at the Kapahulu branch of a certain bank. One day recently I was on my lunch break eating with my boss in the break room when I feel a slight tug on my shirt collar. It felt like someone was trying to fix my collar. I turned around and nobody was there. 

I asked her, “Did you see anything behind me?” which sounds completely crazy already, so I told her I felt someone tug on my collar. My boss was like, “You’re just tired.” Which I was, but I know what I felt and it definitely felt real. The tugging felt like an actual hand.

A few days after that I was coming back again on my lunch break with some food and I walked into the office, where my boss was again. Out of the corner of my eye I see someone’s shadow walk into the hallway heading in the direction of the bathroom. I thought it was another employee, but when I walked into the hallway nobody was there. I didn’t bother asking my boss if she saw anything.

A similar thing happened to a coworker at another branch. She had just closed down and was checking to make sure everything was in order. She looked at the door, and in the reflection of the door she saw a little boy. When she turned around, nobody was there. She was the only person there. 

I mean, I’m known for being nail-bitingly neurotic when it's busy, but I know what I felt, and I know what I saw.