The Forgotten Music Box

Informant: Male/26/Chinese ancestry
Location: Pahoa Valley, Oahu

A friend of mine who works in real estate came over one night to shoot the breeze. He was telling me about a certain apartment in a certain building somewhere in Makiki that was impossible to rent.

From what he knows, weird things would happen in the kitchen. Doors and drawers would pop open on their own. If you've ever seen the movie Paranormal Activity 2 and remember the kitchen scene, the occurrence is something along the lines of that. People would move in, and they would move right out.

As my friend is telling me about this, we hear a few lines of a faint melody. Faint music box music. And we're both thinking, what the hell? Is that a music box? Then I remembered that I did have a music box that I was given years ago by my parents. It was somewhere in my room, in a box buried somewhere. When I looked for the source of the music, I found my music box. It had fallen out of a box that I thought was in the back of my closet, but there it was on the floor.

It was probably just a strange coincidence, but it did provide a soundtrack for the conversation.


Anonymous said...

Ghosts/entities/etc can feed off of the energy people release when telling ghost stories. That's how they move objects, manifest into sounds and visual phenomena.