The Child Spirit

Informant: Female/49/Japanese Ancestry
Location: Kalaheo, Kauai

We were visiting my good friend's mother's house, and we looked outside her window and noticed sheep; lambs following their mother. It was something so cute and sweet to watch so I told my husband to take a picture with his phone. He took two pictures and I took a look at it when we got home to show my daughter. 

Well to my surprise I quickly noticed this white cloudy smoke by the sheep. I zoomed in and it was a see through apparition. It looked like a little child running down the hill. In the second shot is a little faded the white cloud, and you can see that the figure moved position.You also notice that the animals are not afraid of that spirit so I feel that it is not a harmful one.

Wow!! This is the most unusual kind of scary spirit we ever captured on film! What do you see?


Anonymous said...

thats something on your lens. lol

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous, If your such a skeptic, you shouldn't be on this web site.

Kateri said...

Anonymous 1 simply offers another explanation for the anomaly. It could very well be a smudge on the camera lens, but it could be something unexplainable too. Nobody will ever really know. But I prefer the mystery. :D

Anonymous said...

This picture was taken with my phone camera. Now I'm pretty sure that if there was something on my lens, it would have obscure the whole picture! Not just a small portion of the picture. I am a skeptic, but this picture did prove me wrong! Thank you.