Informant: 21/Male/Portugese ancestry
Location: Ele’ele, Kauai

This took place on New Year’s Eve maybe three years ago. It was at the house of my girlfriend at the time and it was the usual New Year’s party on Kauai: family, friends and fireworks.   

Now, the girlfriend I had at the time could see things. Often times she would tell me stories of her past experiences with seeing ghosts and I would always take her word for it. I remember the first story she told me about a ghost named Robert that played with her when she was a kid. She told me he hung himself and she could see his broken neck clearly with the rope still around it. 

It was around 1 or 2 am and  me, a couple of my friends and my girlfriend were outside playing on my uke singing songs, when she suddenly says, “ Robert likes your guys singing.” Of course I was like, "Who's Robert?" and when she replied, my friend I remembered. She told me he was by the palm tree near the neighbor’s house which was about maybe 25-30 feet away, but nobody was there. Me, being a skeptic, asked her if she could ask Robert to prove that he was there by shaking the tree he was at. She asked, and as soon as she did a huge gust of wind blew and the palm tree moved violently back and forth. 

I know what you’re thinking. It was just a huge gust of wind. But none of the surrounding plants, hedges or other palm tree moved...only the one Robert was at. Of course I thought it was just the wind, so I made her ask again…and the same thing happened. A strong gust of wind, but only that one tree moving. I went on to ask a third time with the same results.  

It was around 2:50 am where my girlfriend said, “ Robert said to go inside. He’s going to leave 'cause bad people are coming.” It freaked out everyone and we all went inside. There were at least five of us there that witnessed the palm tree event.  In the house my girlfriend said not to move that much and not to make any noise, and we were like, "How come?" And then 3 am came and instantly the air pressure in the room became heavy and it was hard to breathe or move. She described and angry ancient Hawaiian man by the window looking at us and she told us not to look at him. She also said there was a woman with glowing red eyes in the window that was directly behind us. Then came the scratching sound on the walls, and you could hear things dragging on the ground in the garage. Then suddenly, it stopped. The pressure was gone, and I looked at the time. It was 3:15 am. 

The pressure was intense and the fear was so real, but none of use could see it but my girlfriend.


Queendom57 said...

Chicken skin!

Anonymous said...

Wow. that was a good story. good thing those bad spirits didn't come in.