Evil Eyes

Female/27/Ethnicity undisclosed
Location: Wahiawa, Oahu

I lived in an apartment building and became really close with two of my neighbors. We would often have get togethers in each others houses and drink. Well one night we were in one of my neighbor's apartment when we got into the paranormal and things of that nature. My neighbor told me he found a bible hidden in his apartment with a picture of a woman underneath it. Till this day I can still remember her picture and the chicken skin it gave me.

After seeing that picture all I could think about was those eyes she had and how it looked like if I stared at them any longer she would snatch me up right into the picture. It was just something about her eyes that just gave you an instant feeling that something was very dark and sinister about this lady. Needless to say I was freaked out. Who was this lady, and why was her picture underneath that bible? I mean, to go and hide a bible and put someone's picture underneath it seems an extreme precaution to go through.

I finally got sleepy enough to fall asleep. I was dreaming a good dream it seemed, at first. I was with my mother in my apartment (my mother had passed away), but it was my mother so in my dream it was very pleasant. The dream seemed so real it was as if I was really going through the motions. My mother was as sweet as she always was, but for some reason she kept on saying not to go to work and to stay with her. I politely explained, "I can't miss work, you raised me better than that," and I would continue what I was doing. Then she'd say again, "Don't go to work, don't leave, stay with me," with a little more forceful voice. And I would reply the same and continue what I was doing, until it came time for me to leave and go to work. I reached for the door, and what seemed to be my mother at first grabbed my wrist and pulled with great power and said "Stay with me." I turned to look back, but it wasn't my mother. It was the lady in the picture I had just seen with those eyes staring back at me.

I immediately woke up in horror, extremely creeped out. I didn't even try to go back to sleep that night. Ever since then in that apartment I felt as if that woman's entity wanted to do harm to me. I could feel her eyes on me in every room of my house.

As soon as I got the courage to speak about it, I talked to the neighbor who had found the picture. I told him about my dream and he laughed at me. In my embarrassment I went home, trying to convince myself that it was just a dream. Then I about a week later that neighbor came to talk to me. He said he talked to the landlord and showed him the picture of the woman. The landlord told him she was a former tenant that killed herself by setting her apartment building on fire. The landlord also informed him that the picture might have been put there by the lady's brother who claimed that she was possessed days before she killed herself.

Needless to say I moved out as soon as I could, but I will never forget what happened to me and how I felt.