Under Scrutiny

Informant: Male/29/European ancestry
Location: Koloa, HI

My sister started seeing a guy around the time my dad was very sick. They had been dating maybe a couple months before my dad passed away, and even though my sister's boyfriend had been coming to the house, he never saw my dad. He never met him and never knew what he looked like.

Not too long after my dad passed away, while staying at the house, my sister's boyfriend had a dream. He dreamed that he was standing with three older men, and they were all discussing whether or not he was good enough for my sister. Two of the men seemed apprehensive, but one man said that he was happy for my sister and he thought that this guy was a good choice for her. The next morning my sister's boyfriend told her about the dream. She asked him what the men looked like, and he described the first two, who did not seem familiar to my sister. But he started to describe the third man as a man with white hair, a mustache, and very, very tan. He described my dad to a T, and he had never seen him before.

There are no pictures of my dad in the back house where my sister lived, and he had never been in the main house at that point. There's no way he would have known what my dad looked like. We think that the two other men were my dad's brothers, or even a brother and his father, but we can't ever be sure.