Followed Home

Informant: Male/32/Filipino, Caucasian

Location: Ele'ele, Kauai 

Sometimes trouble follows you home.

One night back in my young boy days, I was driving aroundlooking for my friends at the usual beach hangout spots. I checked at all the locations, but no one was there. While at those locations I burned rubber and did doughnuts for fun. I couldn't find any of my friends that night so I decided to go home. 

The next morning when I woke up I felt like I had the flu; my body felt weak and drained. I went into the living room and laid down. My grandma came up to me and asked me if I made humbug last night. She told me that she woke up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom and saw a ghost lady go into my room. I told her, "Yes," then I fell asleep on the couch. 

At about lunch time I awoke to my grandma whacking me with malunggay leaves and praying. Then I felt the weakness I was having lift away as if it where magic. I felt like my normal self in a matter of seconds.

All I can say is no make humbug when you out and about bumbye they going make humbug to you.