She Crawled Across the Floor

Informant: Female/45/Japanese ancestry
Location: Waipouli, Kapa'a

One night a while ago my husband and I were on our way home to Lihue from fishing down Hanalei. I needed to use the restroom, and since my husband's mother's house is on our way home in Kapa'a, we might as well stop by there.

It was around 12:45 a.m. and the light was still on, so we knew that she was still up. I was knocking on the front door and trying to look through the side glass that is next to the door with sheer curtains. While I was knocking and calling "grandma," I noticed this lady sitting on the floor leaning against the coffee table watching TV. I thought it was my husband's mother, so I told him, "You go and knock harder and call you mom!" which he did while I was looking through the glass.

Well when that lady heard him knock and yell harder, she jumped up and started to crawl towards the front door where we were. I couldn't see her face because she was looking down, only her body, salt and pepper hair and kind of faded, old -fashioned style clothes. Weird! I told my husband, "Hey, you scared somebody now she is right here by the door! Try call and knock again..." So he did, and I was straining to look through the window right down by the front door where we were, to see her get up to open the door...

Then grandma came in opening the kitchen door on the other side and walked across the living room and unlocked the front door.

I was shocked to see her coming from the kitchen and not notice the lady hiding right by the front door where I just saw her crawl to! When I walked into the house I looked behind, and nothing. Weird!

Later in the weeks to come, we were looking at some old photos and I noticed a picture of that lady because of her hair style and color and her old faded clothes. I told my husband, this is who I seen that night crawling towards the door. They said that it was their grandmother that passed away a long time ago, their dad's mother... Wow! I actually saw her spirit inside their house where she use to live. Maybe that is why his sister's kids don't like to sleep in their own room. I guess she does came back to visit!