Dad's Recliner

Informant: Female/16/Ethnicity unknown
Location of Incident: Oahu

I was going out with my friends, without permission from my dad, one Friday night. I was able to sneak out of the house after he went to his room to sleep. After leaving my home as quietly as possible, I met my best friend a few houses down and got into the car.

As we began to drive away I pulled my purse up to my lap, and realized I didn't have my wallet... no money or I.D. means no fun. I convinced my friend to turn around and pull up to my house while I quickly retrieved my wallet. As we came up to my house, my friend had a very bad feeling. She said something didn't feel right. She's kinda special in that she often has feelings before strange or weird things happen.I told her not to be scared and I'd be back super fast.

As I got to my front door, I could see light coming from the living room window. Thinking my dad woke up to watch T.V., I was getting ready for a tongue lashing. I opened the door already formulating an excuse as to where I went when I noticed my dad sitting in the recliner crashed out. I thought that maybe his bedroom was too hot and he decided to come outside to rest. I went quickly to my room to grab my things and past in front of my father's room, whose door was wide open, when I heard a noise coming from within.

I didn't think, but after retrieving my money I realized that I heard snoring coming out of his room. As I walked back over to pass his doorway I peered into his door and the hair on my entire body shot straight up as I witnessed my dad, lying in his bed deep in slumber! My body began to shake uncontrollably and a sense of fear over took me. I struggled to return to the front door, to what felt like freedom.

As I came upon the living room I could see the red glow of the television dancing across the walls of the kitchen. No sound, no noise, just a chill. It got colder and colder as I came around the corner to the living room. 
I looked in and saw my father sitting on the recliner, his deep black eyes now looking in my direction. I suddenly heard a voice. I turned to look towards the sound and could hear my friend calling for me frantically from behind the front door. When I turned to look back at my dad I could see a slight grin breaking through his hard clay face. My heart sank, and I didn't know what to do.

My friend finally came through the front door and yelled to get away from it. At that moment, the television turned off and the room went black. We made it out of the house safely, but not without fear. My friend told me that she heard a voice say to her, "Go and get Lea out!". She said it sounded like my dad.

After everything started to calm down, and my friend and I gained courage to reenter the house. The entire home felt different. Back to normal. I believe that because I had bad intentions to deceive my dad, I was shown what it could be like to be deceived myself. I no longer keep things from my friends or family. I have a strange feeling of gratitude to whatever was there that night. I learned a very valuable lesson.