The Girl in the Rain

Informant: Male/42/undisclosed ethnicity
Location: Kailua, Oahu

Back in 2004, I was at a bar one night in Kailua playing pool. I was heading home to Kaneohe just after midnight and it was raining heavy. I was at the traffic light in front of Castle Medical Center with no cars behind me when I noticed someone standing at the bus stop; just standing there in the rain instead of under the shelter. I thought to myself, "What kind of idiot stands in the rain like that with no jacket, etc., and no buses running?" 

So as I was passing the bus stop, I was trying to see who the idiot was when I saw it was a young local girl, probably mid -20's. She was looking at me passing so I pulled over to the side and reversed a bit to ask if she was going to Kaneohe, but instead she just jumped in the car. So I asked if she was going to Kaneohe and she said, "No, I have to go to K-Mart on Nimitz." I thought to myself, "F******-a, man."

So on we went without talking and I noticed that she had a few scratches on her arms and face, so I thought maybe she was in a fight or something. When we reached town I finally asked if she had missed the last bus and she said no, she was in an accident and she smashed her car. After she said that all the hair on my neck and head felt tingly like it was standing because it dawned on me that this girl is dead at the hospital and her spirit is here in my car, determined to get to K-Mart. 

On I went trying hard not to be scared. Finally, I park the car at K-Mart and she doesn't get out until I say, "We're here." Then she just jumped out of the car and never said thanks or anything and I noticed that she had no shoes, and I thought to myself, "Nahh cannot be." So I watched her walking to the K-Mart entrance, and before she even got close to the door she faded away, and my eyes just widened without blinking. I took a few deep breaths to calm down before heading home. I never looked at the passenger seat the whole drive home. I turned up the music and turned the rear view mirror upwards.