"She's Coming for You."

Informant: Male/42/undisclosed ethnicity
Location: Waipahu

In 1994 I moved to Waipahu to take care of my grandma at a place called Tropicana Apartments. I was up late working on my cars interior one night and was tired, so just after midnight I decided to go buy cigarettes at the Shell Gas Station and vacuum my car. 

I took the back road (Waipahu Road) blasting my music, and as I came up to the traffic light I slowed down to make the right turn on Waikele Road. There weren't any cars or pedestrians around as I made the turn, but as I turned I heard clearly as if it was two inches from my ear, a woman saying angrily, "Turn down the music!" So I moved my head, startled, and looked to the left at where the person spoke so close to my ear. Then I turned my head further looking back, seeing if I drove past anyone. At that same moment, the volume started going down by itself without the knob turning. I let go of the gas pedal wondering, "What the hell?" Then my left forearm from elbow to fingertips started to hurt really bad, as if I left it in a freezer for days. I gassed it to the gas station at the corner and jumped out of my car trying to shake of the cold feeling that was hurting my arm. 

As I was confused, I walked to the sidewalk and looked back trying to figure out what just happened. I couldn't figure it out until I looked to the right side of the street and saw the graveyard right next to Waipahu Elementary School. And that's when I realized that what I heard was a ghost. She must have grabbed my arm, too. At that moment my chicken skin had chicken skin and I started jumping to shake it off. As soon as I collected my self I sat in my car and told myself not to go back that way after I bought cigarettes and vacuumed. 

After I was done, I saw a bunch of cops pulling a car over on the main road. I didn't want to take that route, so had no other choice but to go the same way I came. I drove home quick without looking at the graveyard or anything on the sidewalks and got home exhausted, went straight into the house, upstairs, without turning on any lights or TV and went straight to bed. I fell asleep quickly and was awoken in what felt like a 10 minute nap buy a little boy. 

He was about eight or nine years old, wearing a long-sleeved striped shirt. He grabbed my big toe and kept wiggling it. I got up and looked at him, wondering if maybe my grandma had guest's sleeping over. I lay back down to sleep, but again the boy grabbed my toes and wiggled them until I got up. This time I looked at him, and he pointed to the door and said, "The lady is coming for you." I put my head down again and thought, "What the hell is this kid talking about?" Then I remembered the voice and everything else and sat up, but there was no boy or sound of my door opening or closing. 

I got up and went into the other room (my grandma always slept in the living room downstairs) and I felt this woman (I don't know how to explain the feeling but it was powerful) coming down the street towards the apartments. Without looking outside, I could feel her presence. It was so strong, and it moved to the front door and stopped. I ran to my doorway looking around  for an escape because I was thinking she was gonna come up the stairs, but instead I felt her move up to the second floor and come into the house through the wall of the other room I just came from. I ran downstairs and into the bathroom (downstairs bathroom is located under the stairs) and felt her moving past my room. She went down the stairs and stopped halfway, and I felt her coming straight through the stairs, straight at me. That's when I opened the door and ran out the back, flicking the lights on as I ran.  I ran a few buildings away and waited for sunlight before going back home. 


Unknown said...

Dude if you don't mind me asking..what unit were you living in..because we lived in Tropicana in Waipahu back in the 80's and our unit was haunted ..My mom and I had the worst nightmares and I seen the samend thing..a little boy playing with my feet and a woman as well..creepy shit!!

S F said...

I forgot the unit # but from google earth its the 3rd bldg facing waipahu st if youre coming from the post office