Night Time Intruder

Informant: Female/73 years old/Portuguese Ancestry
Location: Hilo, Big Island

It was still the early years of my marriage and my husband and I had just started living in our house. At this time, we owned a dog and kept it in the backyard.

One night, during the middle of the night, the dog starts barking like crazy and won't shut up. My husband and I begin to suspect the possibility of someone trying to break into the house.

So my husband turns on the all the lights and begins searching around the house for any signs of the intruder. He can't find anything. He gives up and turns around to head back into the house.

My husband told me that at the moment he turned around, he felt like someone punched the back of his head. My husband flips around, ready to lay a beatdown on his attacker, but is surprised to find no one there. He runs around the house and cannot find any sign of any person besides himself.