Sinister Nightmares

Informant: Male/24/mixed ancestry 
Location: Hilo, Big Island

My grandmother was always around. My father rarely liked this...sometimes he thought she was more of an annoyance than a help. My grandmother is very talkative. She always tends to be the type to get caught in a "sewing circle" type of rumor forwarding fairly easy, and always wants to add you to the circle.

One day my grandmother came over, and after the usual small talk about who in the family is spoiled, who needs help in school etc., she says "Roland has been having strange dreams, you know?" My mom obviously didn't know, so she replied "Whatchumean ma, weird dreams?" "Well, he says there’s this couple, and dey keep telling him 'Come. Come with us.' Not like mean kind, but they keep telling him. And he says he cannot make them stop! And he no like go, you know, but they keep trying to make him, yeah?" So my mom tells her "Maybe he should see somebody, then,” suggesting she take him to a Kahuna, or one of my grandmothers "psychic" friends.

So one night, we're all sitting around in the living room. I think my mom and grandmother must have been making leis or something, cause the TV wasn’t on. My uncle was there. I think he was about 15 at the time, and I was 7. My grandmother was saying how she was thinking about taking him to a kahuna. My uncle says something in response. I'm not paying much attention, I'm doing some homework. About 30 minutes pass, and in a particularly quiet moment, my uncle falls onto the living room floor and grabs his head and screams.

It looked as if he was having some sort of strange screaming seizure. He was convulsing. He was grabbing at his chest and his head, like he’s trying to rip something out from under his skin with his fingers. Everything seems to slow at this point. My mom is shouting "Get him up!" My grandma is shouting "No, leave him alone!" About two minutes pass. Every second felt like an hour. Finally, he stopped. He rolled over and picked himself up off the floor and looked around, squinty-eyed. He didn’t say anything.

My grandmother decided this was a good time to leave, and went home. Later we found out that he saw the couple again, and they were saying to him "Come. Come," and gesturing. He said he saw a yard, and a path. He described the place to my mother’s sister, and somehow she knew where it was. They went to the place, which was in someone’s yard. According to my uncle, it looked like it did as showed to him in his dreams. They asked the owners for permission to dig in the spot where he was taken to in the dream. Nothing was found. But the dreams never came again, and he never saw those people after that. I guess they were satisfied that what they were looking for just wasn’t there to be found.