The Eyes in the Closet

Informant: Male/19 years old/mixed ancestry
Location: Hilo High School, Big Island

During my junior year of high school, my English teacher was pretty weird. She was a hippy-for lack of a better word- and would often describe having "weird psychic feelings" to the class.

So one day, we are all sitting in class doing our work when the teacher suddenly stands up and says, "Someone is watching me in that closet."

Everybody laughs, thinking this is another one of her not-so-psychic episodes, but the teacher is dead serious.

"I'm not kidding guys, I feel like there is something in that closet, watching us and wanting to cause harm," she continues.

So everybody is pretty nervous now. We know that our teacher is pretty crazy: she walks everywhere barefoot and thinks she has psychic intuitions, yet there was no denying the fear in her voice. Something was scaring our teacher, and that was scaring us.

And so of course, of all people, I'm asked to open the closet.

I open the closet, and there is nobody in there. But, somebody had drawn a big pair of eyes with a sharpie on the back wall of the closet. The eyes were very menacing, and it just didn't seem right that someone would draw eyes in a closet that was locked a majority of class time. Honestly, it was very creepy and it gave me chicken skin.

Maybe it was all an elaborate hoax that our teacher played on us; an attempt to freak us out after all those times we made fun of her. But after that, that closet always bothered me. I always felt as if someone was watching me from that closet. Other people also complained about similar feelings of being watched from the closet.