Invisible Passenger

Informant: Male/30/Filipino ancestry
Location: Koloa, Kauai

I was driving to work one night and decided to take the bypass road. I was following this truck for most of the way. We came up to this point in the road that crossed an old cemetery, when the truck ahead of me pulled over suddenly. I thought that something was wrong with his truck, so I was going to pull over and ask if he needed any help. The truck was pulled over right under a street light, so I could see the driver in the driver's seat. Then I saw the passenger door open.

Nobody was there.

I saw the door open, and it looked like someone got into the passengers seat of the car because I saw the truck shift as if under the weight of a person. But under the street light I could see inside, and there was nobody there, but the driver was talking as if someone was sitting next to him.

I decided it was wise to just continue on to work.