Wasn't That You Just Now?

Informant: Female/48/Japanese ancestry
Location: Molokoa II, Kauai

This is just a weird thing that happened to me one night, when I was getting ready to go to sleep. I was laying down on my pillow and my husband hadn't come inside the room yet. We had the AC running so the bedroom and bathroom doors were closed. I heard the bedroom door open and I looked but I had my husband's pillows sort of blocking part of my view. But I could see part of the hall way light shining though the doorway, and only the left side of my husband entering through the bedroom door, closing the door behind, and opening the bathroom door and closing it.

Then five seconds later the bedroom door opened and I looked thinking it was my daughter, but it was my husband. I sat up and asked, "Didn't you just come in through that door?" He said no, and opened the bathroom door and closed and brushed his teeth and came out. When he came out I was sitting on the bed and said "You are joking with me right? You came in before this right?" But he said no! Then I said "There is a ghost in this room because someone came in here and opened the door and went into the bathroom and then closed the door just like you did!" 

My husband didn't want to talk about it because it gave him chicken skin. But thank God it never happened again! Of course I couldn't sleep that night either! Just to think that a spirit can physically open a door and do the same routine that my husband would do is too creepy!


Anonymous said...

That's a straight up doppelgänger.