Calling Spirit in Wailua

Informant: Male/22/Hawaiian – Portuguese ancestry
Location: Wailua, Kauai

I was around 8 years old when this happened, I had just started going hunting. Me, my cousins and my uncle went hunting one evening in Wailua. By the time we were done we were about a mile away from our truck. It was about 9pm. My uncle said “I’m going to go get the truck, you kids wait here.” But my cousins wanted to go with my uncle. I said “I’ll wait right here. You come get me, I’m not walking.” My uncle was like “You sure you wanna wait alone?” I said "Hell no I'm not walking, I'll wait." So he said he would be back in half an hour with the truck.

Not too long after they left, I heard something moving in the bushes. Then I heard my uncle’s voice. “Hey! Come on let’s go.” I said “Hell no I’m not walking back!” And then my uncle whistled. You know when you’re out playing with the other kids in the neighborhood and your dad whistles for you to come inside and you know with that whistle you have to go? That’s the kind of whistle it was. So I jump up and start walking.

My uncle is talking, saying things like “You don’t wanna listen and you gonna get in trouble." Then he says,  "Come on lets go down here.” I said, “But I thought we were going back to the truck?” Just then I see head lights, and I hear my uncle’s stereo; the only song he ever plays when we go hunting.

I start running. 

Something grabs my backpack, and I let it take my bag. I get to the truck and my uncle asks, “Where’s your stuff?” I point back to where I was and say “I was following you. “ My uncle yells “Get in the car now!!”

I’m bawling, I’m scared. I know I messed up. I know you never answer when someone calls, but it sounded just like my uncle. Now when I go hunting, I never answer when anyone calls my name.


Anonymous said...

Holy sh!t, that gave me chicken skin. Fa'ap brah. (o_O) BTW, do you guys go to that hunting area often?

Anonymous said...

I don't get it. So another spirit or ghost pretended to be the uncle? That's scary, always run away from a mysterious relative like that.