Thank You, Thank You, Thank You...

Informant: Male/22/Hawaiian – Portuguese ancestry
Location: Wainiha, Kauai

Me and my friend were coming back one night from fishing on the north shore. It was pretty late, like 2:00 a.m. On our way back, we see a lady on the side of the road. A woman in white, with gray- white hair going down to her butt. 

As we’re about to pass her, she starts levitating. She levitates across the road to the passenger side of the truck where I'm sitting. I can’t see her face because her hair is covering it, but I can see red glowing eyes, like fire. Then I see both her arms wind back like she is going to throw something, and I throw my arms up over my head and yell.

The glass of the window shatters into a million pieces. I’m showered with glass. My friend starts to floor it, but I yell at him, “Stop! Stop! Stop the car!” So he stops, and I say, “If you need a ride we’ll give you a ride.”

Something jumps into the back of the truck. We can feel the truck shift with the weight.

When we get to where we were going, we hear a woman's voice say, “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

The next day, the broken window was completely fixed.