In the Flashlight's Beam

Female/20/Mixed Ancestry 
Location: Nanakuli,Hawaii

I was around 14 or 15 years old and we had recently moved into my grandma's house who had passed away many years before. My uncle, who was previously living in the house, had gone to jail, and because many things he did back then were illegal (like stealing electric) we didn't have any electricity at the time. 

One night my dad's friend, my brother, myself and a couple other people were hanging out in the living room. It was around 9:00 pm or so and I was playing with the flashlight. It was on and I happened to face it towards the screen door at some point. Right when I did, my brother and my dads friend started yelling at me to turn the flashlight to the door so they could see. They both ran outside and were yelling, "who's there?!" They checked the entire property then came back inside. 

Both of them said that when I faced the light towards the door, they saw a man peeking in at us. When they ran outside, one of them saw a shadow in the front yard and the other saw a shadow going through the neighbor's yard. The neighbor's yard is totally open, so if their were a real man there they would have seen him...but they didn't.


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