A Ball of Light at Hanalei Pier

Female/49/Japanese ancestry
Location: Hanalei Pier, Kauai

My husband and I decided to go fishing one night. It was a beautiful clear night at first we where at Wainiha Beach and nothing was really biting, so we decided to drive to Hanalei Pier on the way back. It was around 3:30 a.m

While I was fishing over the pier looking towards the mountains side, I noticed this bright blue-green round ball moving slowly downwards from the sky towards the top of the mountain. This bright blue-green ball had a bright blue, short thin tail behind it, and when it went behind the mountain there was a really bright lighting flash. 

I yelled for my husband to look at the ball by the mountain!  My husband only seen the lighting flash, which was really bright. The weirdest, strangest thing I have ever seen in 21 years of fishing. But I remember someone telling me that on the Big Island he seen many of these fire balls as he called it, and that the people would say it was the Hawaiian gods fighting each other. That's why you would see some flying up towards the sky and others falling down from the sky to hit the land. Strange that I have never heard of that. I just thought it was like a beautiful shooting star, but the color was odd, not bright white.


Anonymous said...

I just saw the same thing over shipwrecks in po'ipu about an hour ago. Slow moving green ball and large noiseless explosion.... what the hell is it.