The Black Dog in the Tunnel of Trees

Informant: Male/27/European ancestry
Location: Tunnel of Trees, Kauai

I was told by a friend: "When you're driving through the tunnel of trees and you see a woman in white with long gray hair, stop and pick her up. But if you ever see a man or a dog, don't stop. Don't look back, don't look in your mirrors, just look straight ahead. If you look back, they will follow you to your house and it will be bad."

I'm driving home one night to Koloa. When I enter the tunnel, I see a black dog standing on the side of the road. Looked like a Rottwiler. I don't think anything of it, it's just a stray. Halfway through the tunnel, I see a black dog on the side of the road. I start to worry. At the end of the tunnel, the same black dog is standing in the middle of my lane, facing me. I remember what my friend said: "Don't stop."

So I continue driving, 50 mph. I'm thinking, "Move move move move get out of the way get out of the way, I can't stop he told me not to stop!" I finally reach the dog, and I go right over it. I don't feel anything, no bump, nothing. I don't look in my mirrors, I just keep going. 

I go back the next day thinking I clipped it, maybe it got out of the way. There was no sign that I hit anything in the road. Could it have been Poki?


Anonymous said...

Your Black Dog story is so weird, Friday night I was out riding back from Kapaa on my moped about midnight when I saw along side the road what appeared to be a very large, very black dog. It looked huge. I couldn't see its eyes as it was holding its head and nose very close to the ground as it walked, like it was tracking something. I was riding on Olohena Road State Hwy 581 just past the school and the Y in the road, traveling down hill toward the gate to the solar power station and the little bridge over the creek. About half way down the hill, just before sharp left curve leading toward power station gate the edge of my headlight beam picked out in the shadows this big animal? dog?? creature??? close to the hedge. What ever it was it made my hair stand stright up on end. I don't know what I saw but what ever it was it creeped me out. The rest of the way home I felt like it was running along the road in the dark behind me ready to jump on my back. As soon as I arrived home I called an old friend of mine who lives in Charleston WV and told him about my experence. He thought I was just making it up. He knows I read a lot of horror stories. The next day, Saturday while surfing the web I came across an article about Cripteds, creatures that may or maynot exist in folklore and myth. One of them was the story of the black dog. It was a story I'd never heard before and coming so soon after what I saw or thought I saw made me wonder, than on the following day coming across your story of the black dog in the tunnel of trees, well, my hair stood on end all over again.