The Walking Doll

Informant: Female/28/Japanese Ancestry
Location: Unknown, Kauai

My boyfriend and I decided to crash at a friend’s place one night. He showed us to the room we would be staying in and we starting settling in when he says, kind of as an afterthought, "Oh by the way, there's a doll in that closet in a showcase, and it likes to walk around the house at night."

I was like, sure, yeah right. I thought he was messing with us. The doll was a Japanese Ichimatsu doll in a blue kimono, locked in her showcase in the back of the closet. The kind of Japanese dolls that aren't uncommon in lots of houses. The closet door always stayed closed, my friend said.

In the middle of the night I'm woken up by strange sounds coming from the closet. It sounded like a small commotion. And then suddenly, I hear the closet door slide open. It wasn't loud, but I heard it slide open really slightly. I'm laying there thinking, "Oh heeeeeell no."

And then I heard little footsteps.

Really slight, rapid footsteps, kind of like when you hear a rat running across a floor. It walked out of the room, down the hallway, and I could hear it in the kitchen and living room area, walking around. Then it came back to the room, and went back in the closet.

Oh hell no! That doll is not walking around the house! I couldn't believe what I was hearing, but I didn't dare get up to look at it.

The next morning I told my boyfriend what happened, and I told him to check on that freaky doll in the closet. The closet door was still open slightly, and when he looked inside, the doll was out of her showcase leaning against the wall.

My friend told us that he tried to burn the doll and bury it, and even took it to the dump. But the doll always finds its way back into the house, back in the closet.