The White Spectre in the Tunnel of Trees

Informant: Female/28/Japanese ancestry
Location: Tunnel of Trees, Kauai

Three of my friends were heading home through the tunnel of trees late one night from a party. They had a bunch of food with them, but were sure they didn’t have any pork, because everyone knows that you should never take pork through the tunnel of trees.

Two friends were in front, blasting the music. The third friend was in the back of the truck with the food, alone. As they started driving through the tunnel, the friend in the back noticed something rise up from the road. It was white, and it started coasting along the road, dipping and floating and getting closer. He started pounding on the window to the cab, but since the music was so loud the two friends in the front couldn’t hear him. The white thing, which looked like a big white sheet, caught up with the truck.

The truck stalled, and the two friends finally heard the frantic pounding on the window. The white sheet flew up over the truck and down the road. It then turned around and came back, over the truck, and down the other side.

By this time the two friends in the front were trying to pull the friend from the back inside. They watched as the sheet went up and down the road countless times. They finally decided to check all the food, throwing off all the tinfoil. They discovered an entire pan of kalua pig, and threw it out the side of the truck. The white sheet passed over it, then descended on it, and vanished along with the pig.