Take Uncle Back

Informant: Female/28/Japanese ancestry 
Location: Kekaha, Kauai

A bunch of friends and I went drifting at Triangles in Mana on the west side of Kauai one night. We had all gathered along that long stretch of road along the beach in Kekaha when we noticed one of the cars lagging behind. Suddenly all we see is the car burn rubber and race over to where we were, and the car doors flew open and people jumped out. 

The driver was screaming “Get the f*** out of my car! Get out now!” The rest of us were baffled. I thought to myself, “I know we didn’t do any drugs tonight. What the hell is going on?” Finally the driver said, “I was driving and then all of a sudden there was a man in the back seat of my car! I saw him in my rearview mirror, and he won’t get out!” 

I have an ability to see and feel spirits, so the driver and my boyfriend pleaded with me to go over to the car and take a look. I refused, but I told the driver, “It’s just a gut feeling I have, but uncle wants you to take him back the way you came. You were driving too fast and he couldn’t get out of the car. He wants you to take him back. That’s just what I feel.”

The driver refused to get back in the car with the spirit. So finally, after a lot of pleading, I gave in and approached the car. I covered my eyes, and when I got to the car I felt for the door and spoke. 

“Uncle, I’m sorry, but you gotta get out of the car.”

If that spirit was a real person, I would have run for my life, because I felt such an immense anger coming from him that I started hyperventilating. He was pissed. I told the driver he had to take him back, and he had to take him back now. He finally sucked it up and got back in the car and sped in the other direction. 

I had my eyes closed the whole time, but even then I could see him without even having to open my eyes. He just looked like a regular guy. Not big, not small, not old, just like a regular guy. But he was pissed, and he wanted to go back.