Lights in the Deep Water

Informant: Female/28/Japanese Ancestry
Location: Ahukini Pier, Kauai

I was down at Ahukini one night with my boyfriend and some friends fishing. While everyone else was doing their thing, I went out onto the pier. I was looking at the water when I noticed a light in the distance. I thought it was the reflection from the moon, but when I looked up, the moon wasn’t above. The light started to come closer to the pier where I was standing, and I couldn’t figure out what it was.

Was someone diving there? It could be a dive light, but I knew from my boyfriend that you can see the beam of a dive light, and there was no beam visible, just a glowing light deep under the water. I started to get that sinking “Oh crap” feeling in my chest, and I yelled for my boyfriend to come over.

He came, and I asked him if the light could be a diver. He said no, because you couldn’t see the beam of the light. It finally came over to the pier where we were standing, and we stood there looking at it, wondering what it was. Suddenly the light dimmed out and vanished. Two seconds later, it reappeared out in the bay, where I first saw it.

There’s no way a human could have swam that quickly. To this day we still don’t know what it was.