Strage Occurences at Solomon Elementary School

Informant: Female/59/Puerto Rican ancestry
Location: Schofield Barracks, Oahu

Solomon Elementary School is located on Leilehua Plains on the base of Schofield. Legend has it that it’s a gathering place of Hawaiians and Hawaiian military operations happened there. Solomon is also in the path of the night marchers. Many teachers have reported strange unexplainable things happening both in after-school and during-school hours.

Teachers have reported hearing people outside the doors, walking up and down when they have been working late in the evening. When they would look, nobody would be there. Teachers have also experienced in a certain room the radio turning on all by itself. It always happens in the same room.

One of the portables near the fields would experience a locking phenomenon. Whenever a teacher would leave, the door would lock from the inside. It’s a deadbolt lock that you can’t lock it from inside, because if it locks from the inside, logically the students could lock you out. In this same room quite recently (maybe a year or so ago) teachers and EA’s reported that their phones would inexplicably call each other. The teacher’s phone would call the EA’s cell phone when neither of them were touching them. Another instance reported that one day the teacher turned off Sesame Street and all of a sudden things started to fly off the shelves. They actually flew around the room. They turned Sesame Street back on and it stopped.

Then a few years ago a teacher was leaving late one night when she saw a group of Hawaiian - clothed people walking past the room. She saw them and quickly left the area.

My classroom would occasionally get broken into by kids. But these kids were good about breaking in, oddly enough. They would do strange things like clean up all the garbage and never leave a mess. One morning we came into work and found that they broke in, but the room was left open and messy. It was covered in trash and we think the kids got scared off by ghosts, but we will never really know.

Personally, I’ve experienced times where I’d been sitting at the computer with my back to the desk, no one around and the windows closed, and I would hear things rattling on my desk, like papers shuffling. There would be no wind, and when I would look up it would stop. But once I looked away it would start again. I would say “Cut it out,” and it would stop. This has happened more than once. I would also be at the door talking to someone in my empty room empty when I would see a man walk from my room to the next, but there would be no man there. Another thing that would happen frequently is that my door would open and close, open and close, all on its own. The kids would always go to see who it was, but there would never be anyone there. According to the Hawaiian priestess, the area that my classroom is in is a porthole or hot spot for activity.

There have been so many strange things happening at the school that they would constantly get it blessed. When the rooms were renovated, the construction workers got the two rooms that have the most spiritual activity blessed, without previous knowledge of the hauntings. The school didn’t tell them anything about those rooms.

Solomon Elementary School has been blessed by a baptism minister, by the school kupuna, and by Hawaiian priests. One Kahuna spread a little bit of light on why the school may have such spiritual activity. She said that there is a lot of activity there because it is close to the Kolekole Pass where the warriors of Wahiawa and Waianae would meet in battle.