The Spirits in the Basement

Informant: Male/26/European ancestry 
Location: Koloa, Kauai 

The house I’ve lived in all my life was one of the original plantation houses on Kauai. It had a basement that was used as a prison for plantation workers that refused to do any work. One Halloween night my friends and I decided to go down there at midnight with a tape recorder and a video camera to see if we could catch any activity. 

After a few minutes of recording with the camera and recorder, all three of us felt a chill down our spines, at the same time. It got cold, and the video camera started going out of focus. But it wasn’t the whole picture that was blurry, it was only certain parts of it. Like in the very center it would be out of focus, but the rest of it would be fine. We spent half an hour down there when we decided enough was enough.

When we reviewed the tape recorder, we could hear multiple voices that weren’t ours. We knew it wasn’t anyone from above in the main house because that dungeon, for lack of a better word, was completely sound proof. 

I don’t know what happened to the tapes, and we can’t replicate it again since my dad has since sealed the basement.