Creature in the Brush

Informant: Female/22/European-Hawaiian ancestry
Location: North Shore, Kauai

My sister was spending the night at one of her friends house. One night they decided to take a walk around. The property was really big, and toward the end of it there was really tall grass. She and her friends walked over near the tall grass, when they saw something moving in it.

A white figure rose from the grass. My sister said it was moving like the girl from The Ring, in that jerky motion. They all took off running. Then one of the girls started screaming bloody murder, and didn't stop screaming until they got into the house. They locked the door, and they could hear the creature running around the perimeter of the house. The girl woke up her dad, and he went outside and checked everywhere. There was nothing there.

When they asked their friend why she started screaming, she said she turned around and saw the creature running up to them really fast. It almost caught them.