UH Raincoat Ghost

Informant: Male/22/Filipino ancestry

It goes like this: one dark and stormy night (except it wasn’t stormy), me and a couple of my friends were hanging out at the little backyard barbecue thing by Hale Noelani playing music. It was just us three; no one else was in the entire area. That place is a bit creepy being next to a river and all that, and old equipment and stuff.

Anyway, we were just talking and playing music. About 30 minutes in we're having a good time when I see some dude in like a yellow raincoat or something sitting on the damn barbecue grill not even moving. I'm like WHAT THE HELL. I look at my friends who are singing, look back, and the guy is gone. It was too dark to see any detail besides color. Then my friend notices that I’m all messed up and he's like…I don’t have a good feeling about this. I’m like, uh guys I’m going home. Forget this.