girl in the red dress

Informant: Male/55/Chinese ancestry
Location: Downtown, Oahu

My dad works at a downtown hotel that has a long history. In the late 1800's, the daughter of the owner tragically died. They say her spirit hangs around the building.

He told me one night that he saw a little blond girl walking around during his work shift. He thought, oh well, probably one of the guests' kids or something. He asked her what her name was, but she just smiled and ran off.

Thing is...there's nobody on the premises after 8. Nobody's allowed there except personnel.

He said the little girl wore a red dress, in an old fashioned style, like Victorian style. She looked completely solid, and would laugh. She looked completely human. In fact, he caught her jumping on top of the tables.

My dad's boss is well aware of this phenomenon going on. He tells him employee's not to freak out about it, but that's easier said than done. A secretary was working one night, and someone started taking papers off of a stack on her desk one by one. She turned around to see the little girl in the red dress, stacking the papers nicely on top. She smiled and ran away. The secretary quit the very next day.