Learning How to Throw

Informant: Male/39/Portuguese ancestry
Location: Hilo, Big Island

As a child, I used to constantly play outside with a ball. One particular day, I'm playing outside when these two men came up to me.

The two men were old and dressed in stiff, black suits. Something about them seemed like they had come out of the past, like they had come straight out of the 50's.

Oddly enough, they knew my name. They called my name and started to motion for me. I went up to them. They started to talk to me about how to throw the ball. They pretty much taught me how to throw a ball that day.

Sometime later, I was sitting with my mom going through an old family photo album. To my surprise, I found a picture of the two men that taught me how to throw a ball. I was telling my mom about how the two men, when she interrupted me.

"That's impossible. That's my brother and his friend. They died years before you were even born."