Don't Go In the Bathroom Alone!

Informant: Female/19/mixed
Location: Chaminade University, Oahu

Rumor has it that the dorms on the campus I attend are haunted. I didn't believe in that at first, but the thing about rumors is that they are often true.

There was something odd about the community bathrooms on my side of the dorms. No idea why, but you always got the creeps while in there. One afternoon I went in for a routine pee when I heard a sniffling noise coming from the stall next to me. Without shame I leaned over and stuck my head under the division to see no one was there. I let out a small cough to get anyone's attention, see if there was someone else in the bathroom with me. No reply, no shuffle, nothing. No one was there with me. After a few more moments the sniffling continued but shifted from a crying sniffle to a full on sniff, like trying to smell me out. So, I bolted. Don't worry I washed my hands at the bathroom down the hall. Later that evening I told my roommate about the incident and she said she had had a similar experience where it feels like there is someone in the stall next to you, but when you look no one is there. We shrugged it off only to be shocked the next week.

I was finished taking a shower. I opened the partition curtain for my shower stall to go brush my teeth at the sink 5 feet away. When I turned around, the shower curtain was closed. I was a bit puzzled because I was SURE I had opened the thing. I shrugged went back and opened the curtain again to remove my belongings and go fiddle with my hair for a bit in front of the mirror. When I turned around again, the shower curtain was closed. There was no one else in the bathroom but me, so I was a bit freaked out by this. I again told my roommate who told me that some of her shower supplies had been moved around or were missing. I joked saying that maybe the ghost wanted to take a shower too.

Minor stuff like that continued through out the year. My hairbrush would be moved out of my shower kit, slippers and clothes rearranged, and every now and then my entire shower kit would be moved over to the other side of the shower stall. I just chucked it up to a helpful ghost until the last night I showered in that bathroom. I was washing my hair and went to rinse the foam off my hands when all of a sudden I felt something gently pull my hair. I thought, "wtf?" And when I reached my hand up there was a spike of hair on top of my head as if someone had pulled my hair up. Yeah, that was the fastest shower I have ever taken and I have never been back to that bathroom again.


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I love the new layout!!!!!!!

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I concur!