Phantom Customer

Informant: Male/26/Japanese ancestry
Location: Halawa, Oahu

So back in 2006, I had an online business with a business partner. We moved the company to his warehouse in Halawa, which had a small office room in the back, positioned far away from the bay doors. The office had a glass paned door so we could look out from the office into the bay to see if anyone came in. My business partner told me that when he was creating some of the rooms in the warehouse, the contractor said he experienced some weird things while putting the walls up. Little things, like he would turn around and his tools would be moved, etc.

So one day I brought my friend to the office to work on a design project with me. I didn't tell him anything about what my business partner told me because I never experienced anything. We had installed a door chime on the front door of the warehouse so if we were working, we could hear if someone walked in.

After we were there for about an hour, I saw that my friend was staring out the door into the warehouse bay. So I asked him, "Eh, are you zoning or what?" and he says, "I thought I saw a guy walk through the front door, but the door chime didn't go..."

So I went out into the bay, but nobody was there. I asked him where he saw the guy walk to, and he said he walked toward the stairs. There was a set of stairs that went up to a recording studio. I went outside to look if there were any cars parked; maybe someone wanted to use the studio. But there wasn't anyone there. Then I told him about what my business partner told me, and he promptly freaked out.